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With a passion for dog training and a desire to understand why so many puppies and dogs are rehomed or require behavioural support during their life, it got me thinking about how dog trainers could prevent behavioural problems of the future. Obviously, we have to consider genetics, breeding and the external factors that can affect a puppy or dogs development; however the one that was staring me in the face was simply education. Two years ago, I wrote a blog called how long does it take to train a dog. (Available on the website) In this blog I analysed human learning alongside that of dogs and quickly realised that many puppies and dogs simply do not have the opportunity to learn and develop for long enough.

In my blog I commented that the dog trainer in me says the training never ends, it’s lifelong and there is always something your dog can learn, practice and enjoy, but I thought I would draw some comparisons to our expectations of our children. The average human will spend at least 14 years, (preschool to A-level), approximately 17% of their life in some sort of education. Human education teaches us social skills, life skills, and prepares us for a future career.

When I took a closer look I quickly realised this would equate to our dogs going to school for at least 2 years of their life to do their job as your trusty K9 companion. 2 years I hear you say, that’s a lot when you were only thinking 6 weeks puppy class was enough. I spent time talking with dog owners to be told they could not find the time to train their dog for this long, so I started to ask if there was a more convenient way would they want to do it, I was given an overwhelming 'YES'.

After searching the internet for resources for dog owners, and not being able to find good advice in one place, that was how DOGVERSITY was born.

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