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21/01/2020 Your new puppy: The first two weeks
Congratulations on bringing a new member into the family. You are going to have so much fun together. Here are some...
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12/12/2019 How to stay motivated to train your dog
Struggling to put aside the time to train your dog? Zoe Willingham shares some tips on how to keep motivated....
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20/11/2019 Is your dog bored?
Boredom is one of the biggest causes of unwanted canine behaviour and doggy mental health issues. If your pooch seems...
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31/10/2019 Is your dog misunderstood?
Does your dog’s behaviour really mean what others think it does? We’re looking at how you can become your...
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31/10/2019 Prepare your dog for fireworks night
Guy Fawkes night can be scary for dogs. Here are my tips for keeping your pets calm in the midst of the confusion....
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31/07/2019 5 reasons to enroll your new puppy into training classes
Is home training just as good as enrolling your new puppy into training classes? That’s what this article is all...
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31/05/2019 Collar vs Harness which is best
What does your dog wear for walkies? We’re looking at doggy dress codes and how they improve your pet’s...
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13/05/2019 How reward based dog training works
You will probably have heard the terms “reward based dog training” or “force-free dog...
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29/04/2019 How to choose a dog trainer
If your puppy needs training or your dog has behavioural problems it’s important that you get the right help....
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22/03/2019 Communication and relationships for successful dog training
How do dogs communicate with people? Your dog can tell you lots of things – if you know how to listen. In this...
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20/03/2019 Puppy Biting
Dispelling the ‘Ouch’   As a dog training professional, this is a question I am asked very frequently...
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01/03/2019 Why is my puppy suddenly more fearful
Puppy “fear periods” are perfectly normal but the way you manage your pup’s reactions at this time...
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22/02/2019 Are you ready for a dog
Are you ready for a dog?   Dog ownership is one of the biggest privileges we can have as a human being. Dogs feel...
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31/01/2019 Could your pet become a dog detective
Help your pet to make the most of his talented nose and become a dog detective. Your dog’s sense of smell is...
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07/01/2019 Making a New Years Resolutions for Your Dog Part 2
Welcome to the second part of our 2-part blog on new years resolutions that will help you and your dog. The first part...
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