Puppy & Dog Training Classes


Maisie came to Best Behaviour Dog Training as a young puppy to attend classes and work on...

- Engagement
- Socialisation
- Basic training

Maisie is the second dog her human has brought to BBDT - she is an energetic and busy dog, and regular training has been vital for her and her human in giving that energy some direction! Maisie has excelled at everything she's learnt and her consistent performance is a testament to her human's dedication and hard work. Together, they have already achieved their Bronze certificate and I can't wait to see the progress they have yet to make!

Dog's Name Maisie
Age 6 months
Breed Labrador
Sex Female


Maisie has attended classes with us at both the Blue Cross and our venue in Martlesham, and she has covered lots in her twice weekly classes! So far she has covered things like:

- Loose lead walking
- Recall
- Impulse control around food and dogs
- Life skills for at home and out and about
- Fun tricks to develop her cognitive skills
- Engagement with her human around exciting distractions
- Social greeting skills

...and much more!


Maisie is her human's first puppy, and she is so intelligent and full of energy! Her owner knew that mental enrichment was going to be so important for Maisie. From day one, she has utilised the wealth of information available on our Dogversity platform to brush up on vital information about raising a puppy. She has found classes incredibly helpful, not only for training the exercises we cover, but for getting the support she needs as a new puppy parent.

Like every puppy, Maisie has her moments! Being able to speak to her instructor and get calm advice on how best to handle common puppy issues, as well as reassurance that her puppy's behaviours were normal, has been so valuable to Maisie's human over the past few months. 

Maisie and her human especially love how much fun training is. While all the skills they've learnt have practical applications, too, many are also really good fun! Many exercises which teach valuable life skills are designed to also be really great games. Making sure that training is enjoyable for both dog and human is so vital to building a strong relationship between both parties and ensuring success.

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