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Dog Behaviour

Dog behavioural consultations are designed to help problem behaviours seen in dogs. Behavioural issues with dogs can really cause you and your dog a lot of stress and worry. Don't despair I can help with all manner of problems and will work with you and your dog to find the most effective way to improve and solve the issues you are having .Common issues I can help with are:
  • Separation anxiety
  • Compulsive behaviours such as tail or light chasing
  • Aggression to humans or other dogs
  • Reactivity on or off lead to humans and other animals
  • Guarding behaviour around food, space or objects
  • Noise phobias or noise fears such as fear of fireworks
The consultations are structured to ensure you have total support and a clear route forward to reach your goals. Too often owners are left with a problem and no support, so my consultations are designed to be clear and easy to follow so you get the best possible results. You can select any package to suit your circumstances, and if you are not sure what you need please feel free to call me on 07590 299254 where I will be happy to advise the best package to suit you and your dog. All prices are agreed up front so there are no hidden extras.

This is what some of my clients say about the consultations they have had:

So glad we enlisted the help of Zoe for our generally anxious 2 year old dog Florence who also had separation anxiety since a puppy. The advice was simply and clearly given and we could also get in touch anytime to ask questions if needed. Zoe clearly loves dogs and is very approachable and friendly. Our dog could not be left alone at all, now after a few weeks she can be happily left for a considerable amount of time. Florence was very anxious before we had the help of Zoe and had become withdrawn, now she is much happier, playful and very much part of our family. Thank you Zoe.

We contacted Zoe after having problems with our little Jack Russell Bridget who we adopted at 9 months old. She had a whole range of behavioural issues from aggression to other dogs, disappearing on walks, going to the toilet on her bed, jumping up ...the list really was endless. Zoe spent a full 2 hours understanding Bridget and then more time teaching us how to build her confidence and tackle each issue individually. She really knows her stuff and has an unrivalled love for dogs. I would recommend her to anyone with a dog that has developed any behavioural trait. She had an easy and manageable solution to all our problems. Bridget is now a very confident and happy little dog :-) 

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