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Prices from £450.00 per session package.


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  • Weekly live interactive online sessions with a behaviourist
  • A dedicated VIP membership group. (A trainer in your pocket). Additional personal training advice and support whenever you need it
  • 250 fun training guides to enjoy with your dog outside of classes
  • Ideal for families wanting to train together
  • Additional online training courses including;

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£24per month



You can book a Pre- Consultation Assessment - No Obligation to proceed to full consultation packages
If you do proceed to book a full package you receive a voucher for £50 off your chosen follow package

Packages Available are:

1. Separation Anxiety Basic & Separation Anxiety Premium
2. Aggression & Reactivity Basic & Aggression and Reactivity Premium
3. Resource Guarding
4. Barking & Noise Sensitivity
5. General Behavioural Assessments for Unexplained Behaviours
6. Additional Consultations - Follow ons post package

Separation Cases - Are for any dog that struggles with absence from their owner eg barking, crying, becoming destructive
Aggression and Reactivity - Biting, lunging, barking, reacting to other dogs, reacting to people or objects
Resource Guarding - Showing aggression to a person or another dog when in possession of an item, or guarding spaces or people
Barking & Noise Sensitivity - If your dog barks in the garden and in the house and/ or is reactive to noises
General Behaviour Assessments - Can be used if your not sure what the problem is you are seeing

If your dog has multiple behavioural concerns chose a premium package if available to ensure we have enough time to work through everything together.

All Behavioural packages follow the process below:
1.  We send you a behavioural questionnaire to complete before the telephone consultation
2. Our Behaviourist will analyse the information before speaking with you and use this as the basis for the telephone conversation -  This part is critical for the success of the behavioural plan to work.
3. Telephone consultation approx 1hr
4. Post telephone call the Behaviourist will make vet referrals where relevant and spend time putting a behavioural and training plan together and allowing you to put into the place any initial suggestions made in the telephone call.
5. The live video call 1.5hrs - to train with you and your dog, to ensure what has been created is workable for you, you know how to do it and you have a clear plan of what to do. This is recorded so you can watch it back at any time.
6. You receive a copy of the video recording from the behavioural session to watch back
7. Where relevant the behaviourist feeds back to vets and any other professionals involved in the behavioural process
8. You have 1-month email/ telephone support after the last consultation and can add on any additional consultations at any time as you require.

What's included in the Price 
1. Prices quoted include VAT
2. All of the processes above. For transparency, our behaviourists work on your case both behind the scenes and when directly in contact with you. Our average behavioural package takes a minimum of 7 hours, and we cap at 10 hours of our behaviourists time. We charge a flat rate to ensure you have no hidden extra costs which mean our behaviourist works on a rate of £37.50-£53.57/ hr worked on your case plus VAT

Follow up consultations can be booked after your initial package.


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