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Pub Dog Training - Social Skills for dogs

15/12/2022 - Puppy & Dog Training Advice

A SUFFOLK dog trainer is inviting pet parents to bring their pups for a hair of the dog at the Freston Boot.

Zoe Willingham is putting on a Pub Dog Masterclass WHEN showing owners how to ensure their dog behaves when they visit dog friendly destinations.

Pups will learn to sit and stay at the table while the owner orders, not jump up when waiting on staff come to the table, not eat food from the floor, to behave calmly around other dogs and to walk nicely when their human is carrying a drink so they don’t spill any.
Zoe, who runs Best Behaviour Dog Training, started her online ‘Pub Dog’ training so people could support pubs and restaurants by taking their well behaved dogs with them following the Coronavirus lockdowns.

She said: “No-one wants to leave their dog at home when they go out to the pub and the course is all about preparing your dog so they’re happy and content.

“Dogs love being with us, and love the pub because they get to see lots of people and other dogs, experience different sights, scents and sounds, and it’s great for socialising them too.

“The Pub Dog Masterclass is a fun and quirky way to train your dog, plus understand how they experience the pub, have a drink and meet other dog lovers too.”

A study by the Kennel Club found that 97 per cent of dog friendly businesses believed accepting furry guests had improved business.

They polled 251 venues, 157 that were dog friendly and 94 that didn’t accept dogs. Of those, 73 per cent said they would consider being dog friendly if owners could prove their dogs were well trained.

As well as the pub training, Zoe uses the pub as a regular for her dog training classes.

She said: “Going to the pub to train your dog is such a fun way to enjoy time together, help your dog learn life skills and enjoy a drink and time with friends too.

“It’s a lovely way to support the pub as another local business too. Hospitality has suffered in the last few years and we want to do our bit to help.

“Plus, it’s good for us to get out and socialise as well, and what better company to share it with than our canine companions?” 

The Pub Dog Masterclass is happening at The Freston Boot Saturday 18th March - Booking here https://www.bestbehaviourdogtraining.co.uk/training-masterclasses/pub-dog-training/

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