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How does blended learning help your dog

07/05/2022 - Puppy & Dog Training Advice

Here at Best Behaviour Dog Training, we are so proud to offer a wide variety of flexible training options. We have invested a lot into creating the most comprehensive training school possible, with a huge variety of in-person classes and training services available alongside Dogversity, our online learning portal. Dogversity boasts 250+ training tutorials, structured training courses and education levels such as the Dogploma and Dogree to help you and your pup progress. With courses designed to support new puppy parents, covering specific topics such as recall, trick training and even how to prepare your dog for a visit to the pub – we’ve got your back, whatever your needs and ambitions!
We trainers have seen a huge difference in puppies and dogs joining our classes who have had a head start by utilising our online platform. We know from this first-hand experience that a blended approach to dog training – making the most of both in-person and online training – is effective and hugely beneficial. That’s why we wanted to take a moment to explain why we feel so passionately about why online training should be included in your training plan, even if you attend classes – and vice versa!

Get Started Early
Puppies can join in-person classes once they have received their second set of vaccinations. However, pups are like sponges and are learning every moment of every day! Online training allows you and your new pup to get started on the basics right away, even before they are old enough to attend classes! Courses such as our Puppy’s First Steps course are the perfect way to ensure you’re getting started on the right foot.

Don’t Miss Out
Should there be any delay in your puppy’s vaccination schedule or you/your dog can’t attend for any reason – such as injury or illness – you needn’t miss out on vital training. Online training allows you attend from home, and with such a wide variety of training tutorials to work through there is bound to be something you can work on no matter the situation.

Tackle Problems/Learn Skills When You Need Them
In-person classes cover a wide variety of important and useful exercises and skills, following a class plan laid out by your instructor. This is great, but what happens when we suddenly find ourselves struggling with a specific issue that isn’t going to be covered in class this week? Online training allows you to log on and get to work on the skills and behaviours you need, right away.

Make Training a Daily Habit
We know dogs learn best through consistent, ongoing learning. It can be hard for us humans to motivate ourselves to train at home – sometimes we just need a little inspiration and guidance. An online training school like Dogversity is there to help, with so many different courses and videos that you can find something to suit you and your dog’s mood. Whether you feel like learning a fun new party trick or brushing up on your recall skills.

Get Instant Access to Courses
Popular courses like our Scent Detectives course have limited spaces and are only held a few times each year. Rather than having to wait for new dates to be released to try to bag yourself a spot, you can access our online course right away as soon as you’re ready to start! No limited spaces and no hanging about to achieve your goals!

Online Support
Our Dogversity VIP membership offers access to our members-only facebook community, where you can get support and advice from our team of experts and take part in regular live sessions with our behaviourist, Zoe. Whether your dog has suddenly started doing something weird, you’re struggling with a tutorial or an exercise you did in class or just want to share your successes – our VIP group is the perfect place to chat.

No need to worry about a commute or the weather – log on and train in the comfort of your own home! Want to do some training on your walk? Pop on and watch through the tutorial so it’s fresh in your mind – or you could even stream it on your phone while you’re at the park!

Stay Connected
Raising a dog can be a trying endeavour and we all benefit from the support of a community. Training online and being part of our training family not only means support from the professionals, but getting to share your experienced, struggles and wins with likeminded dog owners who are as committed to training their dogs ethically and effectively as you are!

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