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Blossoming Bonds: Dog Training Workshops at Bourne Garden Centre

31/08/2023 - Welcome to Best Behaviour Dog Training

We are pleased to announce yet another fantastic training venue to add to our growing list! As a local business ourselves, we at Best Behaviour Dog Training are proud to be working with another brilliant small business as we bring our classes to Bourne Garden Centre. The garden centre is located in the Wherstead IP2 area and is easily accessible from the A14 and town centre via Wherstead Road. With a dedicated training paddock, you and your dogs will be able to learn in a realistic, outdoor environment in a safe and controlled group setting. 
We are passionate about setting you and your dogs up for success and this is why we absolutely love to train outside, so you can have the confidence that the time and effort you invest in your dog will pay off when you need it the most. Learning to work with you around common distractions such as the sights, sounds and smells of an outdoor environment and around other people and dogs means you know that the training we provide really works and can learn how to handle these kinds of distractions with the guidance and supervision of a qualified professional.
The garden centre is a great match for us as it meshes nicely with our passions and priorities as a business. Gardening, like dog training, is a great way to encourage people to get outside, enjoy nature and nurture something positive in their free time. Gardening and pet ownership have also both been shown to have a positive impact on mental health and we felt many of our customers would enjoy being able to visit the garden centre, increasing footfall to this wonderful independent business. As part of our collaboration with the centre, we at Best Behaviour and the Bourne Garden centre have together agreed to support St Elizabeth’s Hospice and we will be therefore be donating a proportion of all proceeds for our classes held at the garden centre to the Hospice, supporting a cause close to the heart of both businesses. 
The garden centre will be home to our weekly Puppy & Dog obedience classes, which offers a 44-week curriculum designed by our founder, qualified behaviourist Zoe Willingham, with how dogs learn in mind. This course provides ongoing & progressive training, building your dog’s knowledge and skills in layers to ensure effective and long-lasting learning! Why 44 weeks? We know that puppyhood isn’t the end of your dog’s development and the science shows that consistent training and socialisation throughout adolescence greatly reduces the likelihood of future behavioural issues and can help you avoid common training issues which can crop up during our pups’ teenage months.
Keep an eye out, as we hope to soon be bringing our exciting Power Hours and Bootcamps to the garden centre, too!
Book your place in our Saturday morning classes via the website, now! https://www.bestbehaviourdogtraining.co.uk/puppy-training-classes/puppy-and-dog-training/

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