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Christmas gifts for dogs and dog owners

23/11/2018 - Christmas Puppy & Dog Advice

Are you looking for an original gift idea for the dog lover – something that shows that you’ve really thought hard about the individuals rather than pulling something off a supermarket shelf? Something that dog and owner can both love for a long time?

The team at Best Behaviour training have been thinking about doggy gifts that give really good value for money. Here are just a few of the items we’ve found

The Mud Daddy – no more muddy cars or carpets
Who doesn’t love a brisk winter’s walk with their dog? It’s good for the soul and offers valuable mental stimulation for the dog. But what happens when it comes to home time? You have muddy wellies and a filthy dog to put in the car. No matter how good the boot liner or seat covers are, the dirt seems to get everywhere. Well - some of it, the rest goes back to the house to be shaken all over the walls and carpets!

That’s where the Mud Daddy comes in.  It’s a portable dog wash that can also be used on pooches, boots and trainers.

Video Courtesy of Mud Daddy


What I love most about the mud daddy is that you can fill it with warm water before your walk, and when you get back to the car, the water is still a lovely temperature. So neither you nor the dog will get cold as you are washing off mud, grit and goodness knows what else.

Walking straight from the back door? Prepare the mud daddy before you go out and you can get clean before you go into the house.

Mud Daddy portable dog washer

Walking in safety and comfort
There are so many dog walking aids available to buy that it’s difficult to know which one to choose.

Everything a dog needs for basic survival passes through its neck. Oxygen, food, blood to the brain, and nerve impulses. So to me, it makes sense to avoid putting pressure on that area of his body.

A harness hugs the rib cage but still offers the owner plenty of control over the dog.

This Perfect Fit Harness is not the cheapest on the market, but it’s the best one I’ve found. Every part of it can easily be adjusted to fit the dog no matter what his vital statistics may be.  It allows freedom of movement with no pinching or rubbing.

If your dog pulls on the lead, you can attach his lead to the front of the harness or, for extra control you can use the back and the front attachment at the same time. Attachment rings are stainless steel so they won’t rust and the whole thing is fleece lined for comfort.

One thing I really really like about the Perfect Fit Harness is that it’s entirely made in the UK – and I’m all for supporting British Business.

Best Behaviour Dog Training are stockists for Perfect Fit Harnesses so if you want a pre-christmas fitting session,  get in touch and we’ll arrange a date and time.

Toys and Treats
So many of the dog toys I see on the shelves are fun for five minutes. But are easily destroyed by enthusiastic pooches. When you are searching for exciting dog toys, look for something robust and if you know the recipient is a chewer or a shredder, avoid anything with stuffing or squeakers that are likely to be swallowed.

If you have a destroyer in the family, how about one of these pineapple fleece toys? A tough exterior stuffed with fabric pieces that the dog can pull out through the holes. Once he’s finished making a mess, you can re-stuff the toy ready for next time. Pineapple Fleece Toy on Etsy.com


I love interactive toys – one where the dog really needs to use his nose and/or his brain. Snuffle mats are awesome and double up as a great way to feed fast-eaters. But for expert sniffers, how about these wooden puzzle toys. I’ve not tried them out yet but they look as though they could really provide lots of mental stimulation.

treat dispenser puzzle

A great toy for dogs who like to play tug-o- war or enjoy chase and retrieve type games. These interactive tuggers are also perfect for dogs who are working with a behaviourist to resolve resource guarding issues.

Interactive tug toy

The perfect canine Christmas present
What dogs love more than anything else in the whole world is quality time spent with their owners. To a dog, quality time means being able to use his nose, learn something new and earn lots of rewards. Where better to do all of those things than at a dog training class or workshop.

Best Behaviour Dog Training offer gift vouchers so that dogs and their owners can choose a class or workshop that they’ll both really enjoy. The voucher is redeemable against dog training courses, classes or workshops and makes the ideal Christmas gift.

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