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How to train a puppy Introduction

05/08/2018 - Puppy Training Advice

How to train a puppy?

Welcome to our series of articles on how to train a puppy, and how to look after puppy during the first year of their life.
The first year of a puppy’s life is the most important. It’s a time when they learn about life, learn new skills and learn how to be our trusted companion.
During this series of educational articles, videos and advice we will follow the first year with rescue puppy Ollie. 

Subjects we will cover are:

  • Preparing for a puppy
  • Bringing puppy home and introductions to the family
  • How to toilet train a puppy
  • What to feed a puppy
  • How to deal with puppy play biting
  • How to Socialise a puppy
  • How to train a puppy
  • Taking puppy in the car
  • Preparing your puppy for a walk 
  • How to take puppy on their first walk
  • What to do when your puppy meets other dogs
  • How to choose a puppy training class
  • Fun things to do with your puppy
  • Preparing for noisy events such as fireworks night

We look forward to taking you on a fun journey during Ollie's first year.

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