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Lockdown success stories - Dog Training

21/04/2020 - Welcome to Best Behaviour Dog Training

Everyone needs to hear good news right now so I want to share with you some success stories from our lockdown dog training group – read on for some inspirational tales and waggy tails.
Hugo the Cockerpoo has carried on learning along with his human Sarah

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of working with either cocker spaniels or poodles will know that beneath those fuzzy-faced exteriors are some very busy brains. And what do busy brains do when they are bored? They make their own entertainment!

Hugo is a beautiful boy. Happy, friendly and a much loved family member. Owner Sarah recognised quite early in their life together that this boy needs plenty of brainwork to keep him out of mischief. And the two of them joined classes at Best Behaviour Dog Training.

Along came coronavirus, social distancing and everything that they entail. I didn’t want to let customers down by stopping the classes and already having an online training school the transition was made and those learning face to face started to learn via a very exclusive online group.

Sarah and Hugo have been joining my online training every week, they’ve been practising at home and keeping me in touch with progress.

I have to say, that Hugo has come on in leaps and bounds. Sarah seems pretty happy too. This is what she says about online dog training.

“I’m very pleased with Hugo’s progress generally. We tried “mousy mousey” today and Hugo is very good at this. We are getting “down” from a distance and “stand” from a sit position. He’s also working on his catching, peekaboo and weaving through legs.

Your videos are wonderful Zoe, we are learning so much and I can honestly say that although I am still working with reduced hours your training videos are such a welcome distraction from reality and we love your Facebook Live Q and A’s and genuinely look forward to them.

The videos are pitched at the correct level for children, novices like me and I guess the more experienced. I like how you talk through the behaviour and clearly explain the benefits etc then back it up with a demonstration. Thankyou for all your hard work in delivering training online.”

Hugo is not the only one enjoying his online studies

Christie, Mabel & Lily
We are loving online training and live sessions. It’s keeping us active and focused. We are continuing to learn so much. The videos are fantastic, they talk you through the theory and clearly show the practice. I have had all the family watch and implement them and I think we are finally all training exactly the same. Mabel and Lily seem to approve and we can see the benefits and improvements in their skills.
Love the live sessions, lots of behaviour explained in detail and strategies to assist. Can’t thank you enough for the continued support
Mary & Hector
 This Best Behaviour Lockdown training on line is amazing and I look forward to the videos 3 days a week where Zoe shows us the new training techniques, first by explaining and then by demonstrating with one of her beautiful spaniels. On the 2 other days of the week there are question and answer sessions and Zoe is so knowledgeable and encouraging. All these videos are available for us to keep and refer to. For me it has been a life safer in these stay at home times'

How does online dog training work?
At Best Behaviour Dog Training we have two options for online dog training.
First there’s Dogversity – where dogs and their humans work through structured video tutorials and interact with the team here if they are stuck on an exercise.
Then there’s Lockdown Training which offers all the support and interaction of dog training classes, but, to keep everyone safe from COVID-19, the classes run online.

Lockdown Dog Training – what’s in the package?
Because it’s more difficult to stay focussed and kept training during these strange times, Lockdown training offers more opportunities to “meet” and chat with me and the others in the group.

Dogs and humans will receive

  • Become part of a supportive group and “meet” your training buddies online
  • 3 tutorials a week
  • 2 Facebook “Live” Q&A sessions with me (Zoe)
  • Boredom Busters
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Continue training face to face when lockdown lifts
  • Suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages and at any stage of training
  • A chance for the whole family to get involved 

Our “Lockdown” Facebook group is the online equivalent of a class situation. You can interact with class-mates and trainers, watch our twice weekly “live” videos and cheer each other on. There’s no obligation to share your progress or join in with chats. If you prefer, you can use the group as a learning resource. The beauty of this medium is that you can rewind and watch training videos as many times as you want to. Only group members can see content on this page.

3 x tutorials a week –  High quality video tutorials covering a wide range of topics such as loose lead walking, recall, basic obedience, distance work, impulse control, tackling unwanted behaviours and much more. It’s exactly like having a dog trainer in front of you in class. Zoe explains the object of the exercise, how to break it down into digestible chunks for your dog and how to develop the training as your dog gets better at it.  Feel free to request a subject.

2 x Facebook “Live” question and answer questions.  What do YOU need to know about training your dog? Where do you need help? These “live” sessions are tailored to the audience. Got a question? Let Zoe know in advance and she’ll make sure she has any props etc to hand so that she can explain the answer fully. Feel free to type questions during the session too

Boredom Busters – activity ideas to keep you and your dog busy on the long drawn out days of lockdown. Simple things that don’t need special equipment or lots of complicated training.

Challenges – training goals that you can complete in a set time frame. There’s no obligation to join in but these are great fun and so far we’ve seen some wonderful pictures and footage posted to the Facebook group.
1-2-1 support – struggling with anything from the class. Phone, email or message for personalised advice
Ready to give online dog training a try?
Sign up for our face-to-face classes, receive online dog training until lockdown lifts when “real life” training classes will resume.

Sign up here  Book here:https://www.bestbehaviourdogtraining.co.uk/classes/

Ask me a question about online dog training https://www.bestbehaviourdogtraining.co.uk/contact
Here’s what our participants have to say:

Kelly & Teddy
I think the online training is absolutely brilliant! The videos are really well explained and easy to follow and you are able to refer to them any time. The twice weekly ‘live’ sessions are always really interesting. Zoe is very knowledgeable and gives detailed answers to any questions asked. My puppy and I are really benefiting from this training.
Sara & Millie
Really enjoying the online training as it not only provides me with step by step guidance which is easy to understand, but you can clearly see and take note of the correct positions and placements for both Millie and me. I really enjoy the Q&A sessions twice weekly too which makes me realise that I'm not alone when trying to train a very "enthusiastic" puppy! Thank you so much - your continued advice and help is so very much appreciated 👍
Vicky & Bella
The online stuff is absolutely fantastic. Everything is so clear and I love the fact I can pause and rewind if I miss something! We are really enjoying all of the exercises, even with a dog who is older with more experience there is loads to work on. It's really helping to keep her mentally stimulated during this period, with enough variety that neither of us are bored. The live sessions are really useful, I'm enjoying them even if I dont have any questions. I think Willow should be a series regular though 😂 Picture of B practicing 'shy' this morning

Natalie & Poppy
Online training has been amazing especially during this lockdown period where it is easy to get bored! I have taught my dog Poppy lots of new things as well as revisiting some previously taught things such as recall, sit and stay which you can never practise enough! Zoe as always knows her stuff but has also opened her training so that we can share our problems and she has taken time to give us ideas of how we can help our dogs, almost like 1:1 training! It has also widened our community as dog owners as it is nice to see we have similar problems! I'm not sure how Poppy will cope when I go back to work she's either going to be gutted as I'm not there to keep her busy or she'll be glad of the rest! 

Elaine & Millie
Online training has been a Godsend for us and our dog Millie. The units are easily accessible and allow us to work in our own timeframe with a 5 month old puppy who, although highly intelligent, has a mind of her own. The Question and Answer sessions have been really important to us as they make you realise you are not alone when you have struggled with an ongoing puppy trait for a period of time. We wish we had had access to this when we first brought her home as a tiny puppy as we felt out of touch with puppyhood as we had been cat parents for 12 years and our confidence levels had dwindled. Thank you Zoe for taking the time to provide this service during difficult times x

 Laura & Chester
This has been so good, better than I expected with demos of how to do it, good explanations and then the chance to ask questions and have live chats etc. Its been so good. And being able to catch up if we miss one for various reasons has been useful. Of course I miss the classes, who wouldnt, but this has been super super helpful and I fully recommend it. If people are unable to make physical classes I can see how dogversity would work too. Everything is so well explained :D

Miranda & Sabi
The on line lockdown group is great. So many training videos all really well explained; lots of variety in the types of training and challenges each week. The two weekly live sessions are such a good opportunity to ask specific questions and being able to post them in advance and watch back later really useful. Our lessons had expired but we booked another course as we are getting so much from this set up. Just need more hours in the day to get some practice in!! Thank you for the huge amount of work you have put into this Zoe.

Sarah & Ozzy & Briar
 I have found the online training to be so helpful and fun! Being a key worker I am working from home during these unusual times, the online training has meant I can choose a topic to work on when it suits me. Also, with not being able to walk my dogs as much as normal I have been able to do some brief training sessions throughout the day to keep two active spaniels occupied! The sessions are informative, clear and fun with opportunities to ask questions and seek advice. Thank you 😁 x

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