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Our Clopton Venue: Where Moments Turn into Memories

24/08/2023 - Welcome to Best Behaviour Dog Training

As of March 2023, Best Behaviour Dog Training have opened new classes in Clopton Village Hall! Here at Best Behaviour, we are passionate about providing ethical, modern, science-based training to as many dogs and their humans as possible and have been serving the dog-owning community across Suffolk and Essex for over ten years. We are therefore very pleased to be able to bring our progressive 44-week curriculum – designed by qualified behaviourist and founder of the company, Zoe Willingham – to even more of you! The village hall is a beautiful, tranquil venue and will make effective, force free training accessible to dog owners in Clopton and surrounding areas such as Otley, Grundisburgh, Boulge and Wickham Market. 
The venue combines the best of both worlds, with lots of outdoor, green space for us to hold our regular Puppy & Dog classes as well as use of the main hall so we can train indoors in poorer weather conditions! The hall will also be host to our Pupability class, giving us a secure, indoor environment to work with your young puppies as well as outdoor space for additional fun activities!
We are so pleased to be working with this community-led venue – as a local business ourselves, we are always keen to work with other businesses and organisations that benefit the community and nothing beats the iconic village hall.
By joining us at Clopton, you and your dog can learn important life skills such as loose lead walking, recall, impulse control, manners around the house and much more. Working in an outdoor, group environment means you can feel confident that the time and effort invested in your dog’s education and training will pay off, as you know it works where you need it the most! Learning to work together around distractions such as other people and dogs is a great way to develop a strong bond and reliable communication between you and your pup. Our 44-week course offers a holistic approach to training, bringing each piece of the training puzzle together to create the complete picture of a well-trained dog and building your dog’s knowledge in a way that works for them, in layers, through consistent, ongoing training.
You can find our classes at Clopton Village Hall, Manor Road, Woodbridge, IP13 6QN. Don’t miss out, join our qualified trainers, for our Puppy and Dog training classes! www.bestbehaviourdogtraining.co.uk/puppy-training-classes/puppy-and-dog-training/

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