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Postman vs Dog and what you should do to train your dog

26/09/2018 - Dog Training Advice

Postie Vs Dog and what you should do to train your dog?
For many years the postman (or woman) has been dogs arch nemesis, however posties and delivery staff have a legal right to approach your door safely.
It’s estimated that over 2000 Royal Mail staff are attacked by dogs on an annual basis. This really hit home for me recently having met a local postie who was attacked by a dog.
Our local postie made contact with me following an attack by a dog, looking for help to be comfortable around dogs again. Sadly, for this postie the bite took place through the letterbox resulting in the loss of part of a finger, deep trauma and fear of dogs, as well as a phobia of approaching doors.
If you have a dog that barks at the front door, or lunges or grabs post, I would urge you to think of the person the other side of the letterbox. For our local postie, this resulted in huge changes to his life, including not able to work his normal job, which had a massive impact on him, his family and his employer.
What can you do if your dog doesn’t like the postie?
Firstly, protect the delivery staff by using a cage over the letter box or a post box. If your dog is distressed call them away from the door and give them something fun to do in another room such as treat ball, or kong.
Secondly, work with your dog to help them change their emotional response to the delivery happening. For some dogs biting post can be anxiety, or a game that has got a bit out of control. Either way, it’s not a nice habit for any dog or postie to experience.
A nice way to help your dog is to train a settle. A settle is where your dog goes to a mat or a bed when they hear the doorbell ring, post coming through the door, or activity by your door.
Here’s a little video of an on your mat being trained. We train this as part of all of our puppy and dog training classes.

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