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COVID Safe puppy training and dog training classes re-open

04/05/2021 - Latest News

The team at Best Behaviour Dog Training are truly happy to be re-opening our face-to-face dog training classes. Here’s a quick summary of everything you need to know.

  • What COVID safety measures are in place?
  • Is there an age limit on puppy classes?
  • Where are puppy and dog training classes held?
  • When are the classes held?
  • What will my dog learn?
  • Do you use reward based training methods?
  • How do I book?
What COVID safety measures are in place?
Whilst COVID numbers are dropping nicely in our part of the country, we at Best Behaviour Dog Training want to do our bit to prevent another outbreak. It’s great to be able to offer face-to-face puppy and dog training classes again and we’re really looking forward to seeing everyone. 
All classes are being held outdoors - so please dress for the weather.
We are asking that you help us to ensure everyone feels safe in class…
  • If you feel at all unwell, or if you have tested positive for COVID, please don’t come to class.
  • Only one human per dog please
  • Social distancing must be in place at all times. 2m distance from everyone and as we are outside the government state face coverings are not mandatory as long as you remain 2m apart.
  • Aim to arrive 5 minutes before your class begins and maintain social distancing as you queue at the entrance. Our staff will help everyone to get safely settled in their training stations so that the class can start on time.
  • Lessons have all been planned so that everyone has lots of space at all times - please listen carefully to your dog trainer and follow instructions to the letter.
  • At the end of the lesson, you will be directed to the exit (there are one way systems in place).

Is there an age limit on puppy classes?
All of the puppy and dog training classes at Best Behaviour Dog Training are mixed ages. So don’t worry if you think you pup is too old for training classes - there’s no such thing as too old! Every pooch is encouraged to learn at their own speed with training that’s appropriate for their life stage and maturity.
Where are puppy and dog training classes held?
We offer outdoor puppy and dog training classes in several locations in East Anglia. If you live in or near, Ipswich, Martlesham, Stowupland, Barham, Colchester or Felixstowe, there’s a Best Behaviour Dog Training venue very near to you. We also offer online dog training for pets and their owners who prefer home learning.
Ipswich: Suffolk Blue Cross, Wherstead, IP2 8QN. and. Kembroke Kennels, Newbourne Road, IP10 OB
Martlesham: Dan’s Meadow, Bealings Road IP12 4RW
Barham: Millies Meadow, Sandy Lane, IP6 0PB
Stowmarket: W M Smith, Pightle Barn IP14 5EU
Colchester: Dog Play Centre, Severalls Lane. CO4 5JB
Your house: Learn more about our online puppy and dog training classes
When are dog training classes held?
Online dog training via DogVersity is of course, on demand. You choose when to train.
If you’d prefer to come along to a real-time class, we train on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays,
Take a look at our training calendar to find a day and a venue that works best for you.
What will my dog learn in class?
Our puppy and dog training classes are all about life-skills and obedience training. Depending on your pet’s age and experience, we’ll help you to teach him or her how to behave at home, in public,  on walks and around other dogs. There’ll be lots of mental stimulation to keep those little grey cells busy (your’s and your dog’s!) And exercises that you can practise together at home.
If you have any specific areas of dog training that you’d like to work on, we can accommodate you in class, or, you might prefer one of our specialised workshops for loose lead walking, scent work or recall.
Browse our classes, or contact us for help choosing the right course.
Do you use reward based dog training methods?
In a word, YES! All of our classes are all about kindness and mutual respect. We use positive training methods at all times - and we explain how and why each technique gives great results for you and your pet.
How do I book?
Simply browse our website and choose the class you’d like to attend. That might be a face to face class or it might be online - or both!
Our website is easy to use and you can book online with confidence. 
Need more information? Get in touch today.
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