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Puzzle toys for dogs

18/12/2021 - Nutrition, Treats & Enrichment

It’s National Puzzle Day, so what better time to discuss our favourite puzzle toys for dogs! Puzzle toys are a great way to provide enrichment for our dogs, tapping into their natural desire to forage for food and developing their problem-solving abilities.
Make sure you always supervise your dog when they are using their puzzle toys, as many are not designed to withstand chewing and may have removable parts which could pose a choking hazard. 
Here are our top recommendations for keeping your pups busy!

K9 Connectables
These fun toys come in a range of sizes to suit your dog and their clever design means you can create new, unique challenges for your dog!

Kong Rewards Ball
This tough, durable puzzle toy can take some abuse! A great option for getting our dogs moving around and having fun – this simple toy is a great way to get our dogs thinking about how to use their feet or their nose to access the treats inside.

Snuffle Mat
The perfect option for those dogs who LOVE to use their nose, the snuffle mat is a brilliantly simple idea and so easy to use. Simply scatter treats in amongst the pieces of fabric, and pop it down in front of your dog.

Fish Puzzle Toy
Not quite a straight-forward as licking the food in the K9 connectable, pushing the Rewards Ball around or sticking their nose in a snuffle mat, this popular puzzle is slightly different to the previous suggestions and is a wonderful way to get your dog really thinking and problem solving! 

Tornado Puzzle Toy
Another great option for really challenging our dogs’ problem-solving skills and getting them thinking, the difficulty level of the Tornado Puzzle can be altered by the addition or remove of the “bones,” to suit your pup’s experience level!

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