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Thinking about training with us at Best Behaviour Dog Training?

19/12/2021 - Welcome to Best Behaviour Dog Training

Why Choose Best Behaviour Dog Training?

Whether you are about to bring your new family member home, want to continue your older dog’s education and improve your relationship or are simply looking for a fun activity you can do together – training is what you need! Now the question is: who should you train with? There are lots of dog trainers out there and it can be really tough to decide who is right for you and your dog. Here at Best Behaviour, we are all incredibly passionate about good dog training and we have worked tirelessly to ensure we provide this to you and your dogs in the best way possible. We know why we do what we do, so we wanted to make sure you know why, too!

Genuine, Qualified Behaviourist
The Best Behaviour team is led by our founder, Zoe Willingham, a fully qualified, accredited and experienced behaviourist. In an unregulated industry, knowing that the behaviourist you are relying on for your best friend’s welfare has legitimate qualifications and many years’ worth of experience is invaluable. Zoe’s entire life is dedicated to improving the lives of animals – whether it is caring for the 17 dogs, 40+ cats and numerous other rescued animals in her home or designing awesome training courses for us to offer you and your dog!

Ensuring Success with Ongoing Support
Gone are the days of 6-week puppy courses - how was this ever considered enough to set our dogs up for the rest of their lives?! Here at Best Behaviour, we want to see you and your dog reaching your full potential and living your best life; that means ongoing training and support. Our 44-week training plan – designed by Zoe – offers a comprehensive, flexible approach to training. Our roll on/roll off classes mean you can join us at any time and attend as many weeks as you’d like. When you sign up to our classes, you become part of our extended dog training family – this is one of our favourite things about Best Behaviour, as we love seeing the amazing relationship between you and your dog grow and the training achievements that our dedicated dog owners can reach with their pups!

Real Life Training
When was the last time you needed your dog to listen to you in a village hall? Our training is provided by IMDT qualified and accredited trainers, at our numerous outdoor training venues across Suffolk and Essex. We all know that even if we’ve aced our training at home, once we step out of the front door it’s a whole different ball game! Training outdoors means training around real-life distractions such as smells, sounds and varied weather. 

Modern Methods and Ethical Training
One of the things the whole Best Behaviour team is the most passionate about, is ethics. With so much outdated, unethical training advice out there, we pride ourselves on providing exclusively force free, reward-based training. Not only is this proven to be the most ethical way to engage with our animals, it’s also scientifically proven to be the most effective way for our dogs to learn. It’s more fun for us, too! No one wants to spend their time telling their dogs off and correcting unwanted behaviours – positive reinforcement training focuses on setting you and your dogs up for success, so you can spend your time rewarding your dogs for being awesome!

Masterclasses & Extra Curriculars
On top of our comprehensive 44-week programme, we offer a range of popular masterclasses and activities. Whether you want to focus on your lead walking or recall, or want to find something fun and challenging to do with your dog – like agility or scent detection – we have something for you!

Where Can You Find Us?
No matter where you are, you can train with Best Behaviour! Our online training portal offers live video group classes and 121 sessions, as well as professional tutorial videos from our behaviourist, Zoe, to work through any of our training courses in your own time. You can purchase any of our Dogversity products individually or sign up to our VIP membership for full access. Whatever you choose, it comes with online support from our team through our facebook group. 

Colchester [Dogs Play Centre, Severalls Lane]
Our outdoor paddock at the Dogs Play Centre in Colchester offers ample parking and a secure, spacious, grass training area. Easily accessible from the A12, this is one of our most popular venues!
Dog Play Centre,
Seven Saints Farm,
Severalls Ln,
Colchester CO4 5JB

Ipswich [Blue Cross Rehoming Centre, Wherstead]
The Blue Cross Centre has ample parking, a secure, spacious, grass training area and is shaded by the Centre’s neighbouring woodland. It is easily accessible from the A14 and is one of our longest-running venues.
Blue Cross Rehoming Centre
Bourne Hill
Ipswich IP2 8NQ

Barham [Millie’s Meadow, Sandy Lane]
Our purpose-built venue in Barham is the result of a lifelong dream! Situated in a beautiful, natural area, this secure venue boasts its own car park, woodland walk, agility course and more. Perfect for some of our most popular courses such as Scent Detectives and Agility, you won’t want to miss out on all the fun happening at Millie’s Meadow!
Millies Meadow
Sandy Lane

Felixstowe/Kirton [Kembroke Kennels, Newbourne Road]
With parking on-site, this venue is perfect our clients in Felixstowe, Trimley, Kirton, Bucklesham and surrounding areas. In the summer, our evening classes here are held in the outdoor arena. In the winter, we move to the indoor arena – a fully lit, well-ventilated barn building, training on a soft riding surface and protected from the elements. This venue is also a livery yard, providing an excellent venue for getting dogs used to the smells, sights and sounds of the countryside and horses!
Kembroke Kennels
Newbourne Road
IP10 0BU

Martlesham/Woodbridge [Dan’s Meadow, Bealings Road]
One of our most beautiful venues, Dan’s Meadow has ample parking and – with its surrounding fields, stream and trees – a truly relaxing atmosphere for training. We love this venue and we know you will, too! 

Dans Meadow
Bealings Rd,
IP12 4RW

Stowupland [Pightle Barn, Middlewood Green]
With ample parking, a spacious, outdoor training area and access to both shade and lighting, this idyllic venue is a great year-round venue. Perfect for our clients in Stowmarket and surrounding areas.

Classes are held outside at  
Pightle Barn
Blacksmith Lane
Middlewood Green
Stowmarket, IP14 5EU 
We can’t wait to see you all at one of our fantastic venues or joining our wonderful online community! You can book any of these venues here

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