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Training Tails Unleashed: Unleash Your Dog's Potential at our Stowupland Venue

31/08/2023 - Welcome to Best Behaviour Dog Training

At Best Behaviour, we’re very proud of the progress we’ve made as a small business – we now run classes at six different locations across Suffolk and Essex and we are so happy to bring quality, ethical and effective training to hundreds of dogs and humans in the area each week. After all this success, we haven’t forgotten where we started and, having just announced new weekend classes at this venue, we thought it was a great time to highlight our lovely Stowupland venue.
Serving dogs and humans in the Stowmarket area, we offer regular Puppy and Dog Training classes on Tuesday evenings at 6 and 7pm, as well as introducing our new Saturday 10am classes due to high demand! Our Stowupland classes are taught by our qualified trainers who have loads of experience working with dogs. 
Our Puppy & Dog classes are part of a 44-week ongoing, progressive curriculum offering support and training for dogs and their humans from puppyhood, throughout adolescence and into adulthood. The course is designed by behaviourist Zoe with how dogs learn in mind – establishing a solid training foundation and building on these skills from week to week, as we know dogs learn best in layers through consistent training over time. We have progressed beyond the tick box 6- or 8-week puppy courses, knowing that adolescence is an equally important time to continue our pups’ education as this is when most behavioural issues and ‘bad habits’ form!
We absolutely adore our tranquil Stowupland venue, nestled in beautiful rural Suffolk. We train outside, so our dogs learn how to work with us and stay engaged and responsive even around real-life distractions in the environment where we need them to listen the most! There is also plenty of space to take part in recall exercises and even work at a distance with our dogs. A group environment is perfect for teaching our dogs how to be calm and confident around dogs and people so we can enjoy days out together for years to come. The spacious outdoor venue also means we can accommodate nervous or excitable dogs while they settle into, ensuring successful and effective training for all.
We are an established and long-running local business, having trained in the Stowmarket area for over 10 years. We previously trained at the Stowmarket Football Club and Stowmarket Community Centre but moved to our Stowupland venue nine years ago as we were keen to train in the best environment possible to benefit our customers. We have been providing quality training to the area at this venue for 9 years now, alongside our weekend and weekday classes in Ipswich, Barham and Colchester. We are thrilled to now be expanding, due to high demand, to bring our weekend services to the Stowupland and Stowmarket area!
You can find our Stowupland classes at WM Smith, Pightle Barn, Stowupland IP14 5EU. You can book a place in class via our website, here: https://www.bestbehaviourdogtraining.co.uk/puppy-training-classes/puppy-and-dog-training/

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