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What to do if you are attacked by another dog

06/02/2022 - Puppy & Dog Training Advice

Whether we or our dogs bear the brunt of it, being attacked by another dog is a scary and traumatic event that can, at best, leave us shaken. Hopefully it is an experience you and your dog will never go through, but it’s well worth considering what action to take if something were to happen so that you don’t have to try to scramble to figure out what to do while you are under the extreme stress of the moment.
Here’s our checklist for what to do if a dog attack has occurred:

Take their details: If the other dog’s human is present and compliant, take their name, contact details and the name of their insurance company.
If they are not compliant, try to get their vehicle registration number if possible.

Alert the Dog Warden: If the dog is unattended, you should contact the dog warden to let them know about the loose, aggressive dog as soon as you can.

Report to the Police: It is a criminal offense for a dog to be “dangerously out of control” in public. There are consequences both for a dog attacking a human and a dog attacking another dog, and even if you are unable to identify the person and dog you were attacked by, you can still log their description with the police so they will be more likely to pick up on any repeat offenders.

Get a Vet Check: Get your dog checked over by a vet ASAP, even if you can’t see any injuries – it is very common for bite wounds to not be immediately visible, especially with heavier-coated dogs.

Stay at Home: Skip dog walks for the next few days – both you and your dog have been through a traumatic experience and you both need time to decompress! 

Contact Insurer: Contact the other owner’s insurance company – ALL dog owners should have third party liability insurance, even if they don’t have medical/health insurance for their dogs.

Contact a Behaviourist: To implement a rehab plan for your dog, as many will exhibit adverse reactions further down the line. This may include classes or behavioural support - Contact us here 

Even if you do not have it under a broader insurance policy, third party liability insurance can be purchased via the Dogs Trust. All dog owners are liable for their dogs, so it is imperative to have third party liability insurance.

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