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Why Does My Canine Companion Have That Odor? Exploring the Science of Dog Smells

23/08/2023 - Puppy & Dog Training Advice

As dog owners, we love our furry companions with all our hearts, but let's face it: sometimes, they can be a little... smelly. It's not their fault, though! Dogs have a different way of interacting with the world than humans do, and this can sometimes result in less-than-pleasant odours. In this blog post, we'll explore why dogs can be smelly and provide some tips for keeping them clean and fresh.
Why Do Dogs Smell?
Dogs have a much stronger sense of smell than humans do, and this plays a big part in why they can sometimes be smelly. They use their sense of smell to gather information about the world around them, and they do this by sniffing things - lots of things. From other dogs to trees to garbage cans, dogs are constantly taking in information through their noses.
But dogs' noses aren't the only reason they can be smelly. Dogs have several glands in their bodies that can produce odours. For example, their anal glands, which are located on either side of their anus, can produce a foul smell if they become impacted or infected. Dogs can also have odour-producing bacteria on their skin or in their mouths.
How to Keep Your Dog Clean and Fresh
Now that we know why dogs can be smelly, let's talk about how to keep them clean and fresh. Here are some tips:
Groom Your Dog Regularly: Regular grooming is essential for keeping your dog clean and fresh. Brushing their fur removes dirt and debris, and it can also help distribute their natural oils, which keeps their coat healthy and shiny. Additionally, trimming your dog's nails, cleaning their ears, and brushing their teeth are all important aspects of grooming that can help keep your dog clean and healthy.
Bathe Your Dog When Necessary: While you don't need to bathe your dog every day, regular baths are important for keeping them clean and fresh-smelling. Use a shampoo that is specifically formulated for dogs, as human shampoo can be too harsh and strip their skin of its natural oils. Be sure to rinse your dog thoroughly to remove all the shampoo.
Clean Your Dog's Bedding: Your dog's bedding can become a breeding ground for odour-producing bacteria, so it's important to wash it regularly. Use a mild detergent and avoid using fabric softener, as this can irritate your dog's skin.
Feed Your Dog a Healthy Diet: A healthy diet can help keep your dog's skin and coat healthy, which can reduce odours. Additionally, feeding your dog high-quality dog food can help prevent dental problems, which can also contribute to bad breath.
Visit Your Vet Regularly: Regular visits to the vet are essential for keeping your dog healthy and detecting any health problems early on. Your vet can also provide advice on how to keep your dog clean and fresh-smelling. 
Ultimately, our dogs are wonderful companions, but they can sometimes be a little smelly! By following the tips above, you can help keep your dog clean and fresh, which will not only make them more pleasant to be around but also contribute to their overall health and well-being. If you need any help with reducing extra smells (like rolling etc) book a 121 with us! Remember, a happy and healthy dog is a well-groomed dog!

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