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Winter exercise for your dog

13/10/2017 - Dog Training Advice

Winter Exercise for Your Dog with Hooper’s Agility and Agility
With the night’s drawing in dog walks can become difficult if you live in rural areas, or if you have reactive or nervous dogs.
Some dogs simply don’t like going out in the dark or cold weather, so how can we keep them happy, content and safe?
The answer is dog agility. Agility is a fun dog sport designed for dogs of all ages. For dogs or younger puppies that prefer agility at ground level we have Hooper’s agility. Hooper’s replaces jumps and contact equipment with a series of hoops. This allows young puppies and less mobile dogs a way to enjoy all the skill of agility without putting any pressure on their joints as everything is at ground level in Hooper’s.
Hooper’s is captivating to watch and learn as it improves your dog’s recall and general obedience and is great for dogs that like to be entertained or like adventure.

Agility is a sport where your dog negotiates a series of obstacles including A frames, dog walks, tunnels and jumps. It’s a great way to offer your dog mental stimulation as they are constantly problem solving their way around the course, working out how best to negotiate each bit of equipment as well as improving their balance, general obedience and fitness.
Both Hooper’s agility and standard agility are a wonderful form of exercise and is a great way to banish those winter blues if you are struggling to find a way to keep your best friend entertained.
To book onto one of our agility classes follow this link: https://www.bestbehaviourdogtraining.co.uk/agility-classes/

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