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Winter walks made easy with our recommendations for winter walks

18/12/2021 - Equipment for puppy and dog training

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, it becomes all too apparent to us dog walkers that our shoes, coats and other kit aren’t quite up to standard! Avoiding getting soaked through and cold to the bone is vital if we want to continue enjoying our strolls with our best friend. Fortunately, there are LOADS of products out there – for both human and dog – to keep us dry and comfortable on those frosty mornings and protect us from those biting winds. With so many options out there, it can be hard to work out what’s worth our money – so we’re here to help, with our personal product recommendations!

Muck Boots – The trouble with wellies is they’re not exactly designed for comfort or warmth! The Muck Boot Company have a huge range of boots to suit your personal needs, offer a much warmer, much comfier alternative to the traditional wellington! 

Barking Bags – Cleverly designed to hold all the dog walking essential, Barking Bags offer a convenient (and waterproof!) way to make sure we can quickly and easily access water, poo bags and treats at any point on our walk.

Biothane Longlines – Trust us – there’s nothing fun about dealing with damp, muddy nylon or fabric longlines after a wet winter walk! A biothane longline is a true lifesaver at this time of year – simply wipe clean and dry at the end of your walk and you’re done!

Equafleece – A favourite at Best Behaviour, these quality fleeces are THE answer for any pup who feels the cold! These shower-proof suits can be found in different varieties for all dogs and weathers, and are also great for reducing mud, ticks and burrs that our dogs might pick up on their rambles! 

Scruffy Little Terrier – With a range of cosy bobble hats and hoodies, Scruffy Little Terrier is here to keep you toasty all winter long!

Mud Daddy – This genius invention is the most convenient way to keep not only our homes, but our cars clean! Available in a range of sizes, this portable dog shower keeps water warm long enough that we can rinse our dogs off at the end of a cold walk, guilt-free! It’s also perfect for rinsing off mucky shoes!

Ruff and Tumble – And once we’ve rinsed them off, what better way to make them feel pampered than to wrap them up in a Ruff and Tumble drying coat for the ride home! R&T also sell drying mitts – no more dipping the end of the towel in a nearby puddle!

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