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Hector joined Best Behaviour Dog Training as a young puppy to learn Lead walking, to learn how to calm down in excitable situations, learn how to greet other dogs in a calm way and spend more time engaging with how humans despite the distractions that are around.

Hector soon became a big strong dog so good training was paramount to ensure they could have fun and relaxing walks together.

Dog's Name Hector
Age 8 months
Breed Labrador
Sex Male


As conscientious owners Hectors humans combined a 121 and class booking, that way they could do the 121 to set them up on the right tracks before even coming to class.

This is a great way to get ahead, meet your trainer, and tackle those specific concerns you have immediately.

Hectors biggest challenge was he was just too friendly, which his humans realised could land him in big trouble one day, so they set to work with a 121 and classes to ensure Hector has a well rounded education.


As you can see from the pictures Hector is acing being focused on his humans and with the techniques and consistency, this will only improve further.

Hector has so much potential and we can see him being an excellent sniffer dog, gun dog and agility dog all combined.


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