Early training establishes great habits


Betty came to Best Behaviour Dog Training as a small puppy to attend group classes and work on...

- Socialisation
- Training around other dogs
- Lead walking

Betty's owner knew it was important to get started early with her training to ensure she learnt the right things and didn't develop any bad habits. Regular classes have helped Betty's human to feel confident that they are on the right track, particularly as Betty has reached adolescence when many dog owners run into problems and can wonder what they are doing wrong.

Dog's Name Betty
Age 9 months
Breed Cavapoo
Sex Female


Betty has attended our general Puppy & Dog Training classes at our Blue Cross venue and has already covered lots of skills, such as:

- Recall
- Checking in
- Engagement around distractions
- Impulse control
- Offering calm behaviours out and about
...and more!


Due to the proactive approach to training taken by Betty's owners, she has been learning good habits from the very beginning. Betty is a very quick learner, so making sure she learnt the right lessons was incredibly important! Betty has grown into a wonderful dog who loves working with her humans and is able to be engaged and responsive around big distractions such as other dogs and food!

Betty's owners have found it particularly useful to learn a wide variety of exercises, such as the various lead walking and recall exercises covered in their classes. This has helped them to optimise their training and find what works for them to ensure they achieve the best results possible. Learning about different ways to motivate Betty has also been useful as her preferences change during adolescence.

Betty adores her training classes and is always excited to arrive, and picks up new things very quickly. Learning from a young age has been a wonderful way to develop her cognitive skills, which means she can easily take to any new training challenge! Alongside her already wonderful nature, learning important skills needed to live harmoniously with the humans in her household has helped Betty to grow into the wonderful companion she is today!

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