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Millie came to Best Behaviour Dog Training as a young puppy, looking for

  • Socialisation,
  • Learn how to behave around dogs and people
  • Walk nicely on a lead

Millie to date has completed 24 of the 44 week puppy & dog programme and achieved her Bronze, Silver and Gold Certificates with us. Millie has grown into a well behaved, well mannered adolescent dog and is a joy to be around. Millie is great with all the dogs she meets and is a shining example of a puppy that just loves to learn and spend time with her owners doing fun training.

Dog's Name Millie
Age 8 months
Breed Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Sex Female


Millie attended classes where she has covered a great deal of behaviours. Classes are a great way to train social learning with dogs with the added bonus that our classes are held outdoors so dogs learn in an environment where they need it most. These are some of the skills Millie learnt in class
  • Social Greetings & waiting in a relaxed manner
  • Impulse control around food, people and dogs
  • Focus on her humans
  • Lead walking nicely
  • Recall without the worry she won't come back
  • What to do when she doesn't know what to do
  • Appropriate ways to greet humans - especially as she is big
  • How to respond to her humans in an emergency 
& So much more


Millie's mum says one of the most important things they have learned through the training is to always be positive and patient. Millie is happy to get into the car, but was not so happy to return home, so our instructors were able to help Millie with this through the classes.

Sit and stay have also been extremely useful as they allow Millie's mum to get out of the door without her coming too. Milllie has improved her lead walking too and because of her size its an area they are going to continue to work on.

The main achievement is that Millie is growing into a really well behaved adult dog thanks to all the work her owners have done to prevent problems occuring as she grew and developed into an adult dog.

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