Training for nervous puppies


Arlo can be a little unsure of dogs and people and in his first few classes he was hesitant to come in. Fast forward a couple of months and Arlo has gained so much confidence. Seeing him flourish in a safe space has been so lovely and he has been such a character to have in classes - every week he finds a patch to roll or sunbathe in! Arlo is moving away so we sadly won’t see him in classes, but he’s got Dogversity to keep him and his owners busy. We look forward to getting updates with his progress.

Dog's Name Arlo
Age 9 Months
Breed Cockerpoo
Sex Male


Cooper has been attending classes at our Blue Cross site in Ipswich. Being an outdoor venue, Arlo has worked on a range of behaviours around dogs, people, wildlife and other distractions. Some of the behaviours we have covered in classes include:

  • Checking in with his person.

  • Loose lead walking.

  • Recall.

  • Emergency stop.

  • Hand touches.

  • Impulse control.

  • General cues such as sit, down and stay.

  • Fun tricks such as spin/twist, under.

A wide range of fun tricks that help to build the human-dog bond, but can also be used in real life situations, such as vet visits, or when handling at home. 


Because Arlo can be uncertain, we let Arlo take his time coming into classes and gave him a little extra space when needed. Due to the safe environment, Arlo’s confidence soon started to build. He started to wag his tail on the way into classes, and began to greet the trainer on the way in rather than just walking past. Arlo has progressed with a range of different behaviours including loose lead walking, down, checking in, but he particularly likes the counting game, which his person uses to help refocus him when he gets distracted. His people are always setting him up to be successful, which has no doubt contributed to their success. Well done, Arlo!

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