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Timber came to Best Behaviour Dog Training as a young dog, after making the long journey from Romania to his new home in Suffolk, to attend group classes and work on...

  • Basic training
  • Lead walking skills
  • Developing his relationship with his human

Timber's human was lacking confidence in handling her fast-growing adolescent dog when she joined our group classes. Together, they have built a wonderful partnership and her confidence has grown in just a couple of months. They have now achieved their Bronze Certificate after completing 8 weeks of our 44 week programme, and also attended our Lead Walking Masterclass to perfect those valuable loose lead skills that are so important, particularly with larger-breed dogs.

Dog's Name Timber
Age 9 months
Breed Shepherd Cross
Sex Male


Timber attended group classes, where they covered a wide variety of behaviours. Classes are a brilliant environment for teaching our dogs appropriate social skills, and our outdoor venues ensure the dogs are learning these skills in the environment where they are most needed. Some skills which Timber has learnt in class, include:

  • Impulse control around food & dogs
  • Loose lead walking
  • A reliable recall
  • How to respond to important cues in an emergency
  • Appropriate greeting skills
  • A range of every day useful cues such as sit, down and touch
  • To be engaged with his human around other dogs

...and much more!


Timber's human has grown in confidence since she started her group classes with us. Timber was growing fast, and getting stronger by the day - as a young dog, he is of course still full of energy and enthusiasm which can make being on the other end of the lead a scary prospect! Learning how to keep Timber engaged and calm in these moments has been an invaluable skill for his human.

Lead walking skills covered during their Puppy & Dog Training classes as well as the Lead Walking Masterclass have been invaluable to Timber and his human, to ensure everyone is comfortable and safe and they can both enjoy their walks together.

Timber and his human have laid a solid training foundation in these early months of his life, which are already proving to be of enormous benefit to them as they enter his adolescence. Timber is a happy, confident and friendly dog but, importantly, that energy is manageable and he and his humans have the skills to handle whatever life throws at them!

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