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This is my beautiful but very scruffy terrier Florence aged four. She's probably not like most peoples dog on here as she is very nervous about lots of things. We got her to help my son who was then aged 14 who has autism, selective mutism, anxiety and school trauma. He was at home all day with me and didn't leave the house.

Well she was a little bundle of fun and she worked a miracle, she stuck to my son like glue, it was like they were meant to be together, and my son left the house everyday to walk her, he loved walking her and even managed to tell people her name if they asked, he only speaks to a handful of people and one of them was Zoe who visited for a behavioural consultation about Florence's awful separation anxiety, which by the way is fixed😁.

Dog's Name Florence
Age 3yrs
Breed Terrier
Sex Female


As with all behaviour consultations al successful ones start with what I call a crime scene analysis!!

The process tends to go like this:

1. Detailed questionnaire filled in
2. Telephone Consultation with behaviourist
3. Vet referral
4. Zoom consultation or face to face consultation depending on the nature of the problem. 
5. Plan of action implemented by family
6. Follow up consultation


Florence's separation anxiety is completely fixed thanks to Zoe's help. We even were able to leave her at home so we could get married and know she was happy and content so we could enjoy our day. We of course continued our celebrations at home with Florence and the family after.

We are now trying to make things better for her especially  her fear of being groomed, hense the scruffiness., it will take a long time but we are working on it constantly.  At home she enjoys life, she is always playing,exploring in the bushes and rolling around, she is quite a character and she brings us laughter everyday, we love her dearly and couldn't imagine life without her.

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