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Huxley came to Best Behaviour Dog Training as a young puppy and attended classes at the Blue Cross in Ipswich and worked on...

  • Socialisation
  • Basic training
  • Engagement

Huxley is a working-bred dog and his human has big aspirations for him. Investing in Huxley's education in those early days and laying a solid training foundation has ensured that he has grown into both a wonderful family member and is making great progress in his career as a working dog.

Dog's Name Huxley
Age 3 years
Breed Hungarian Wire-haired Viszla
Sex Male


Huxley has attended group classes, as well as our popular Impulse Control masterclass! He has learnt a huge variety of life skills from his sessions, including:

  • Loose lead walking
  • Recall
  • Impulse control around food and other dogs
  • How to stay engaged with his human around distractions
  • How to be calm in busy, exciting environments
  • How to greet humans appropriately
  • Directional cues - a valuable skill for an aspiring gundog!


Huxley's humans hadn't had a new puppy for over a decade, and he is their first working bred dog. With big aspirations for him, they knew the importance of building a solid training foundation. A lot of gundog training is essentially a high standard of the same obedience training that is valuable to all dogs! Huxley was a smart puppy with a lot of energy to harness, and attending classes not only taught him lots of valuable life skills but also gave his humans the tools they needed to reach their training goals.

These training foundations were invaluable when Huxley reached adolescence - a difficult time for many dog owners! Knowing how to use the skills they learnt in classes to keep Huxley engaged and relaxed ensured his humans made it through this life stage smoothly. At almost three years old, Huxley is maturing into the well-trained, reliable dog his owners have invested time and effort in since he arrived. He has even been the perfect role model for their younger cocker spaniel!

After attending group classes, Huxley's human booked him onto the Ultimate Impulse Control course. The lessons he and his human learnt on this course have meant they could go forward and enjoy their countryside rambles with confidence, knowing his engagement, listening skills and recall could stand up to the distractions of wildlife. Not only that, but these skills were essential for readying Huxley for his gundog career!

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