Helping worried rescue dogs become confident


Fletcher has been attending weekly training classes at our Colchester venue.
Fletcher is a rescue doggie that come to us to help with
General training 
Fletcher has been with his new mummy for over a year now and has already been working with his mummy to help him over come some of his worries .

Dog's Name Fletcher
Age 2 Years
Breed Boxer X
Sex Male


Fletcher has been attending weekly group training with his human mummy. 
We have tailored some of the exercises to help Fletcher with some of his worries, Fletcher can sometimes become worried when arms are held up high so we are very gradually helping him with this and making great improvement, 
Fletcher is working really well with all the areas of training we cover.


Fletcher is becoming very relaxed in the class environment and choosing to come and give me a little sniff and stand next to me.
His confidence is being to shine.
He is happy to learn anything for a treat, especially a sausage! 
He is a well-focused doggie and  Shows great engagement with his human mummy building lots of trust.
He has progressed extremely well with all the new things he has been learning and has progressed most of the exercises he has learned and with the achievement of receiving his bronze certificate and now working on his silver! 
Fletcher is an absolute pleasure to have in the class and I really love watching him work and progress.
Good boy Fletcher 🥰

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