Puppy & Dog Training Classes


Pogo came to Best Behaviour Dog Training as a young puppy to attend classes and work on...

  • Focus around distractions
  • Socialisation
  • Basic training

Pogo's owners came to classes not once but twice a week, knowing the importance of early training! Working in an outdoor, group setting was a great way to make sure Pogo's training applied in the real world - a great example being the emergency stop, which worked perfectly to avoid disaster when Pogo got out of an open gate and was headed towards a busy road!

Dog's Name Pogo
Age 1 year
Breed Beagle
Sex Male


Pogo attended classes at the Blue Cross and our venue in Martlesham, learning a variety of skills. Training in both of these outdoor venues meant Pogo go to master these skills in different environments, with different dogs, smells, sights and sounds! Pogo learnt a lot, including:

  • Impulse control around distractions - a big one for our hound breeds!
  • Loose lead walking
  • Recall skills
  • How to respond to cues in an emergency - which proved invaluable when a gate was left open one day!
  • Scent games, so he could enjoy his favourite thing while still engaging with his humans!
  • Appropriate social greeting behaviours with humans and other dogs


Beagles are incredibly smart dogs but are not known for their trainability (though we promise they are very trainable!). Pogo's owners were determined to set off on the right foot, so they got booked into classes with their new puppy right away. Booking two classes per week meant both of Pogo's humans could get their weekly one on one training time with him, in a safe outdoor environment around other dogs. Like most hounds, the amazing smells of the big wide world were a major distraction for him - so training outside right from the start was perfect for him!

Working in these exciting environments meant Pogo could learn how to be calm even around around these big distractions, and stay focused and engaged with his humans. Their hard work paid off when, just a week after Pogo started learning the "emergency stop" exercise, a gate was left open  at a friend's and Pogo was soon heading towards a busy road. He responded brilliantly to his new "stop!" cue and a potential crisis was averted!

The confidence and peace of mind that training has given Pogo's owners, allows them to make the most of their time with him. Investing in early training meant they could teach Pogo good habits before he had a chance to learn any bad ones!

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