Helping dogs gain confidence around strangers


Maisie came to Best Behaviour Dog Training as a puppy to attend classes and work on...

- Socialisation
- Confidence
- Engagement

Maisie is a beautiful and bright German Shepherd who lives in a rural area and was showing typical breed traits, such as wariness around strangers. Her owners knew how important it would be to work on her socialisation around people and dogs, to build her confidence, help her feel more relaxed and ensure she was able to be engaged and responsive around distractions.

Dog's Name Maisie
Age 1 Year
Breed GSD
Sex Female


Maisie has attended group classes at our Blue Cross venue in Ipswich. She has also attended our Social Skills Power Hour session and will be joining us for one of our Masterclass courses at our Martlesham venue soon. She has covered lots of skills already in her group classes, including...

- Engagement with her humans around distractions
- Scent games to promote calmness around distractions
- Recall
- Lead Walking
- Impulse Control

...and lots more!


As a large breed, Maisie has grown quickly since she started her classes with us. Due to their proactive approach to training, Maisie's owners have been able to instil wonderful lead walking skills in Maisie as well as learn various handling techniques so that they can feel confident in supporting Maisie when she is worried, as well as keeping her engaged and happy. This has made her a delightful dog to work with, getting ahead of issues which could have become incredibly difficult to manage if they were left until she was already big!

Maisie's confidence has grown and grown over the months she has been attending class and it is wonderful to watch her looking to her humans for guidance and support. Her humans have also learnt so much and are wonderful handlers, learning to understand how Maisie is feeling and the best way to support her in different situations. It has been clear to see how the dedication and reassurance from her humans has helped Maisie learn to feel more more confident around things that previously worried her.

Maisie is an incredibly sweet and intelligent dog who excels at every exercise we work on in class, picking things up quickly. It's clear to see how much she loves using her brain and working with her human family, something she has been given a wonderful opportunity to experience thanks to their hard work. Maisie's owners have always had oodles of compassion and understanding for their dog and came to class with no expectations, only a desire to help her be the best dog she could be - they have certainly done this!

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