Training for Lively Collies at Gundog Classes


“Remi is a typical Border Collie, full of energy and loves to have things to do. This means that we are always looking for appropriate outlets for her that provide mental stimulation. As a typical collie, she likes to chase things, specifically squirrels and birds! Doing the fun gundog classes allowed us to practise and build upon the behaviours she knows in a real world environment that has her biggest distractions, while knowing she is safe and secure. The course is specifically tailored towards fun gundog exercises, however, they are all such beneficial life skills that can be applied to all types of dogs. Zoe is amazing at setting all of the dogs up to be successful and the progress Remi has made across 4 weeks has been incredible. We cannot wait to attend again!”

Dog's Name Remi
Age 2 yrs
Breed Border Collie
Sex Female


Remi attended our fun gundog classes at Barham.

Being an outdoor venue, Remi has worked on a range of behaviours around dogs, wildlife and other distractions. Some of the behaviours we have covered in classes include:

  • Impulse control

  • Heel work - on and off lead

  • Recall

  • Emergency stop

  • Place

  • General cues - sit/stay


At the start of the fun gundog classes Remi was unable to do a sit stay whilst other dogs were moving around her. By the end of the classes, Remi was holding a stay position on a placeboard whilst several other dogs were recalling, and even when another dog would occasionally come over and try to entice her off the board! She was also able to walk to heel off lead, and remain in a sit stay whilst other dogs walked past, do an emergency stop and recall.

Being able to work in an environment that contains a lot of Remi’s biggest distractions (wildlife!) has allowed her owner to practice the behaviours listed above in the context of the real world, whilst knowing that Remi is in a safe and secure environment. Remi has come so far and we look forward to being part of her future successes!

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