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Dizzee came to us as he was bought into his new home just before the last lockdown hit, and it was a long lockdown as it turned out. Dizzee's owners quickly realised there was no way there were going to be able to get Dizzee to the classes they had planned to attend in their home county of Warwickshire, so instead started researching online dog training. They found our online puppy and dog training school called Dogversity and contacted me to see if I could take them on and help them with their new puppy / land shark.

As first-time dog owners, and with all the stresses and challenges a lockdown brings Dizzees family ended being one of the most committed families I have ever worked with, and the results of that hard work now are paying dividends.

Dog's Name Dizzee
Age 1 year
Breed Springer Spaniel
Sex Male


Here is what happened with Dizzee and his family.

1. We did a zoom 121 which was recorded and dealt with the initial problems they were having with puppy biting, toilet training, sleep routines, absence training and much more
2. After the first 121 they booked more and more and more. Over 20 online 121 sessions were completed throughout lockdown and beyond

You may think that's excessive, but I don't think I have ever seen such a well behaved puppy purely because of Dizzee's family to get things right and have a trainer there for them all the time. I felt like part of their family with our weekly zoom calls and training sessions. 

For anyone wondering how you can train a dog via a zoom call, well it's extremely easy and incredibly effective. We do everything we would as if we were sat on your sofa with the added benefit of the whole session being recorded so it can be played back as often as required to keep practising in between and I wasn't present to add more distraction to a very busy little puppy-like Dizzee.


Dizzee has reached one years old and has achieved all of these things despite being a lock down puppy.

1. Great recall and able to go off lead
2. Sociable with other dogs
3. Great lead walking although this is always under review with a springer spaniel!
4. Can be with his human sister calmly (this was a massive problem at the beginning)
5. Loves learning and gets his humans out doing new things a lot
6. Has gone on to do gun dog training because he had all the basic skills to progress

Dizzee has been a complete joy to work with and I have been invited over to the Midlands to finally meet Dizzee in person and I cannot wait to see him in the furr.


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