Puppy & Dog Training Classes


Oscar came to Best Behaviour Dog Training as a young puppy to attend classes, and work on...

  • Basic Training
  • Socialisation
  • Engagement

Oscar and his human have worked hard and it's been amazing to see him grow into the loveable, confident dog he is today. Oscar has been attending classes since he was very small, and he's now very big! Together, he and his human have already achieved both their Bronze and Silver Certificates! Oscar & his human have so much fun in classes, and are not only continuing their basic training but will soon be joining us on our upcoming Lead Walking Masterclass to perfect their skills.

Dog's Name Oscar
Age 10 months
Breed Labrador
Sex Male


Oscar has been attending group classes with us, where he has learnt a huge range of skills! Our outdoor venue in Martlesham means he has perfected his new behaviours in the presence of dogs, as well as around horses, lots of wildlife and other real-world distractions! Some of the behaviours he has covered in class, include...

  • Engaging with his human around other dogs
  • Important handling skills so his human can check him over and make sure he's healthy
  • Fun tricks which are not only entertaining but help to build a strong human-dog relationship
  • Lead walking skills
  • Important emergency cues to keep him safe
  • An impressive recall!
  • Appropriate social greetings with other dogs


Oscar's human planned for the future and started classes with Oscar almost as soon as he was with her! Beginning their training journey when he was a young pup means he has a huge number of behaviours under his belt already, and has benefitted from the positive influence of a calm, group class environment as he reaches adolescence.

Oscar is now a big, strong boy and his great social skills are more important than ever! He has a huge character that we love to see in class, and having the tools to show Oscar what to do next and keep him calm and engaged is invaluable in allowing him and his human to enjoy their time together and have the most fun possible!

It is clear to see the hard work and dedication of both Oscar and his human paying off - they have a beautiful relationship and it is amazing to watch them working together as a team.

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