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Mae came to Best Behaviour Dog Training as a young puppy to attend classes and work on...

  • Basic training
  • Socialisation
  • Engagement

Mae has grown into a beautifully mannered, sweet dog who works brilliantly with her human around other dogs. Mae has been part of not only our in-person classes but our weekly online class, too! It is easy to see the result of such dedication when you watch Mae and her human working together - the perfect partnership! Mae is a sociable dog, so learning to stay engaged with her human by working together in a class environment has been an important part of their training journey.

Dog's Name Mae
Age 1 year
Breed Labrador
Sex Female


Mae has attended our in-person group classes as well as our weekly online evening classes. She has covered a huge variety of skills and behaviours over the months she has been training with us. These include:

  • Lead walking skills
  • An impeccable recall
  • Distance work - Mae can respond to a number of cues from a distance, a brilliant way to build engagement and a vital skill when out and about off lead
  • Directional cues - these are not only incredibly useful for those off lead walks, but a great brain game for Mae and a wonderful foundation for any future dog-sport activities they may want to try out!
  • Impulse control around food and other dogs
  • Manners at home and out and about


Mae has grown into a wonderful, sociable and sweet dog whose social skills make her everyone's best friend. Mae and her human love to get out and about and meet her canine neighbours, and Mae's ability to stay calm and respond to her human around other dogs mean they can continue to enjoy these moments without a worry!

Mae is a quick learner and loves to use her brain, but can also quickly check out if she's struggling to figure it out. Continued training has given her human the skills to cater her training to Mae, to keep her motivation high so she loves her training and can pick up any new skill she's presented with!

It can be hard to stay motivated to keep up training at home, and online classes were a great way to boost that motivation as well as teach Mae even more fun skills and tricks!

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