Puppy training to create perfect adult dogs


Alvin joined our group training classes at our Colchester venue to work on 
Basic training 
He struggles around distractions 

Dog's Name Alvin
Age 6 Months
Breed Chow Chow
Sex Male


Alvin has been working well in his weekly classes working on his basic training and focus, he has also been practicing his training at homeAlvin struggled with focus around other dogs a little  when the class got bigger but is doing much better now.
His recall has become  more reliable too! 
He loves trick training and the hand touch He is actually a very easy dog, 


Alvin can now respond to cuess confidentiality even when a little distracted he is also able to regain good focus when highly distracted. He has shown great progress in all his training and is a fantastic student that comes in willing to learn.
Alvin has achieved his bronze certificate and is now working on his silver!! 
Well done Alvin 🙂

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