Puppy & Dog Training Classes


Ruby came to Best Behaviour Dog Training as a young puppy to attend classes and work on...

  • Socialisation
  • Basic Training
  • Enrichment

Ruby is a bright little dog and it's been wonderful to see her and her human having an absolute blast in class. It is clear to see how much Ruby adores using her brain and working with her human, and the relationship they have fostered is incredible. Together, they have earned themselves their Bronze certificate and learnt so many skills - training has given them both so many fun things to do together!

Dog's Name Ruby
Age 6 months
Breed Cavapoo
Sex Female


Ruby has been attending our group classes at the Blue Cross in Ipswich and has learnt so much already! She has covered a range of different skills in class, including:

  • An excellent recall
  • Loose lead walking
  • How to respond to cues in an emergency
  • Impulse control around food and other dogs
  • How to stay engaged and focused on her human around some big distractions
  • Lots of fun tricks to develop her cognitive skills


Ruby's human signed up to classes expecting to complete a simple block of 8 classes, but knew she had to continue attending when she saw how much Ruby loved her weekly lessons and the relationship that training was helping them build. She had already rebooked by the time they received their Bronze Certificate!

Ruby is her people's first puppy in decades, and they have found training with us invaluable in helping them to understand their puppy so they can give her the support she needs to continue growing into the confident little individual she is. When Ruby first started classes, she was keen to say hello to her classmates but a little nervous - learning to recognise how Ruby was feeling about these interactions has helped her humans ensure she has had only great experiences.

It's clear to see how much Ruby loves spending time with her human during classes, but it certainly doesn't stop there! Her humans have seen the benefits of developing important life skills already, having put them to the test in the real world. Having already achieved so much, Ruby's humans are looking forward to seeing what else they can accomplish with her continued training!

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