Social skills through training is a vital part of learning


Millie began training with Best Behaviour Dog Training as a young dog two years ago! She has been training with us both in-person and online, covering things such as:

  • Socialisation
  • Scent work
  • Basic Training

Millie is a bright and busy little dog and her owners have seen the immense value in continued training, to support Millie from puppyhood, through adolescence and into adulthood. Millie has gone from strength to strength and is a happy and engaged little dog who benefits greatly from the enrichment that training brings to her life.

Dog's Name Millie
Age 2 Years
Breed Tibetan Terrier
Sex Male


Millie has attended our general Puppy and Dog Training Classes at our Blue Cross venue and worked on a range of skills such as:

  • Impulse control
  • Engagement around distractions
  • Recall
  • Loose lead walking

Millie has also taken part in:

  • Our online Scent Detectives course via Dogversity
  • Numerous live sessions with our behaviourist via our facebook community
  • Our recent Social Skills Power Hour!


Attending our Puppy and Dog Training classes from an early age has provided Millie with appropriate socialisation so that she is happy and confident around other people and dogs, and able to engage with her humans and respond to their cues. This was particularly important when the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns changed everyone's routines and made it difficult for dog owners to socialisation their dogs - luckily, Millie and her humans had support!

Millie and her humans enjoyed working through our Scent Detective course via our online learning platform, Dogversity - this was a wonderful way to keep themselves busy and continue Millie's training during lockdowns during the pandemic. As part of our training family, Millie and co. have also enjoyed taking part in our online live sessions on facebook so that they could benefit from professional support and the community of like-minded dog owners while unable to train with us in-person.

Recently, Millie attended our Social Skills Power Hour! This was a great way for her to brush up on her training and learn how to stay calm and engaged around other dogs! She is a sweet and sociable dog and her early training had taken her far, but after numerous lockdowns her humans knew that it was important to practice these skills - in their own words, "practice makes perfect!" Millie did a wonderful job working calmly and closely with other dogs; the perfect, well-mannered pup!

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