Hello and Welcome to your Covid 19 guidelines regarding tiers and how they affect our services:  UPDATED 6th January 2021

Current COVID operating information:

Tiers 1-2 - Indoor & Outdoor training OPEN
Tier 3 -      Outdoor only training OPEN
Tier 4 -      All classes revert to online training
Tier 5 -      All classes revert to online training 

We will not leave you in the lurch and will provide training whatever the tier as per our terms and conditions. Anyone training online during lockdown will be given priority access to book new physical classes after lockdown.

Tier 1 & 2 - Please turn up for your training as booked at the correct location, time and dates
Tier 3 - Please turn up for your training as booked at the correct location, time and dates
TIer 4 - All training is provided online as per our terms and conditions.

Welcome to our Covid 19 update page. This is our central page to keep you updated with current government guidance regarding the tiers, how it affects our services and how to access your classes throughout the pandemic.

WE ARE CURRENTLY OPERATING A TIER 5 PROTOCOL  - UPDATED 6/1/2021 until further notice and government guidelines change

ALL CLASSES are now ONLINE and accessible by following the easy to follow guide below:


Click here 👉 WELCOME

Login to your account here 👉  https://www.bestbehaviourdogtraining.co.uk/customer-login



Keep in touch using the Lockdown 3.0 learning unit in here 👉  https://www.facebook.com/groups/187251471737196/learning_content


How does this work?- Learning in a pandemic?

Just like a face to face class our intstructors will compile a class plan each week. This class plan will be taught via the pre recorded videos from our vast and comprehensive syllabus. This works really well as it allows you to play it back as much as you wish. You will get access to exactly the same training as you would have learnt by attending a class, except you will be warm, dry and safe at home when you do your learning!!!
We have invested a lot in ensuring when you buy a pandemic puppy or dog you have training whatever the restrictions. We are one of a handful of trainers who continue to train and support owners through the pandemic, despite having no financial government support ourselves to continue to offer this service. 

What about socialisation?
Here's an article that may help you get an idea of how to socilalise your dog during lockdown. We will also cover this on the community group.

Socialisation is simply the process of teaching your puppy or dog to behave in society, so it stands to reason that first we need to teach them to behave and then practice those behaviours in society. Your online classes will give you all the training you need to do to teach them good manners and when we return to classes you will be able to see it working first hand.

Also don't panic, dog training is far more than a few weeks of classes. To train everything we teach it takes at least 45 weeks, so a 'little old lockdown' is just a tiny proportion of that!

What about guidance, we want you as our trainer?
The good news is that you will have tonnes of guidance doing the online training. The videos are extremely comprehensive, they explain in detail why, and what we are doing the training for. You get to see a demo with a real dog and more importantly you can watch it over and over again. So no forgetting what you did by the time you get back to your car after a class!
If you still need us after this, we are here. We have set up a learning unit in the community group for you to post questions, post training videos and speak with us during lockdown. It also has the huge benefit of everyone being able to learn as a group and community.

What happens when we go into another tier that is not Tier 4?
As soon as we leave Tier 4 for example to go into Tier 3 - Outdoor classes reopen and we will announce a start date. If you are in any doubt on whether we have reopened a venue check this page and the community group as this is where information will be updated for everyone.

Im not sure what dates I booked?
Thats okay, you can find your booking confirmation in your account by logging into https://www.bestbehaviourdogtraining.co.uk/customer-login

Can I defer my classes?
This is not possible as it was clearly set out on the booking pages and terms when you booked. We have invested hugely in online training to ensure you have continuity of training throughout any lockdowns. You get more training for your money online and more importantly training a puppy and dog is a welfare need that should not be put off. After lockdown 1.0 we saw huge numbers of dogs that were left not trained and the time and cost to rectify bad habits is 5 times higher than preventing the issues through training now.

During lockdown 1.0 most of our class attendees continued to book classes during that period and continued online throughout. Many have switched completely online and some do online as well as face to face classes too.

How long will my online classes be available?
We have been able to give you access to these classes for 6 months.

Can I have a refund?
No refunds will be given, instead of the online training or classes. Please see our policies detailed in the terms and conditions accepted during your purchase. Link below.

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