Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I book classes?

All classes are booked via the website by selecing classes, and the day and time you woul like. You can chose the dates you attend from those available on the booking calendar. Click here to book classes

2. How do I book 121 training or behaviour consultations?
Fill in the callback request form on the page or send a message via the contact us page. I will contact you to arrange a time and date. Click here to book 121 training OR Click here to book behavioural consultations

3. Can family and children attend classes?
During the pandemic, we have had to restrict attendance to one person per dog, but as soon as things improve we will reinstate our everyone welcome policy.

If you have family that would like to be involved in the training we are offering half price VIP membership during the pandemic so you can have access to all our training at home too via our online training program. This can be booked at the time of booking a class.
Our trainers and helpers are all DBS checked for your peace of mind.

4. Can I change my booking once I have selected my dates?
No, once the dates are chosen they are fixed. However we do give you the most flexibility of any training school in the area. You can select the dates you attend from the booking calendar which gives you the flexibility to work around holidays and events you have planned.

5. Do you cancel classes if it rains?
Not as a rule, as long as it is safe to train we will train all weathers. We will only cancel if we deem it to be unsafe for owners and dogs to train. 
Dog's still need exercise, even if it rains!

6. Where are classes held?
Ipswich - Suffolk Blue Cross - Bourne Hill, Wherstead, Ipswich, IP2 8NQ
Ipswich - Kembroke Kennels - Newbourne Road, Ipswich,  IP10 0BU
Ipswich Martlesham - Dans Meadow - Bealings Rd, Martlesham, IP12 4RW
Barham - Millies Meadow, Sandy Lane, Barham, IP6 0PB
Stowmarket - WM Smith - Pightle Barn, Stowupland, IP14 5EU

See how to find us for more info

7. What should I bring?
Poo bags, Lots of yummy treats - I recommend thinly sliced hot dog sausage or sausage, chicken, ham etc rather than shop bought treats.
Don't feed breakfast for morning classes, or dinner for evening classes as we use a lot of food with the reward based training and their tummies fill up quickly.

8. Is my dog suitable for classes?
Classes are suitable for any puppy or dog that needs to learn new training skills, improve the skills they already have and are happy to be in and around other dogs.
If your dog is worried, scared or aggressive around dogs and people we suggest behaviour training instead. For more info

9. What age can a dog or puppy attend?
Puppies and dogs can attend from any age as long as they have had their 2nd vaccination. Old or young, we help them all.

10. What training methods do you use?
We only use modern, science based force free, reward based training using positive reinforcement. 
We do not condone or permit harsh handling, slip leads, or punishment.

11. My bitch has come into season, can I attend class?
Seasons can sometimes be difficult to predict, and we ask owners not to bring bitches in season to classes. Your place is booked regardless so we do encourage owners to attend without their dog so you know what to train at home.

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