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Fun Dogtivities Love your dog? Want to spend time doing some fun new activities? This is the class for you. Fun Dogtivities is a choice of 6 activities for your dog: Fun Flyball - 30th June Have a go... [ Read more ]



Fun Dogtivities

Love your dog? Want to spend time doing some fun new activities? This is the class for you.

Fun Dogtivities is a choice of 6 activities for your dog:

Fun Flyball - 30th June
Have a go Hoopers - 28th April 
Trickster Training - 19th May
Talking Dogs Rally - 21st July
Dog Yoga - 14th July
Platform Training - 16th June

Hoopers is a fun new agility, which utilises a series of ground-level obstacles called Hoops. Instead of physical dexterity, the challenge of Hoopers is entirely focused on the ability of the handler and the dog to work together as a smooth flowing team.
Hoopers is ideal for dogs that are too young or too old for agility or are unable to do impact sports. Hoopers is great fun and you and your dog will learn all the foundation principles of standard agility but instead be working with hoops and ground obstacles.

Fun Flyball - designed for all dogs whether they love balls or not!!
We all know dogs like to run and jump, but not all dogs like balls which is why we have developed a new type of flyball that is suitable for every dog.
Fun Flyball uses balls for dogs that love a tennis ball, and other rewards for those that don't. That's what makes this fun flyball Fun because its designed for the dog and owner to enjoy!!

A 'one off' session to teach your dog 5 show stopping tricks to wow their doggy friends.
We break down all the elements of each trick so you and your dog can learn some fun trickery to impress all your friends.
Tricks are a fantastic way to improve your dogs general obedience, balance, focus and most importantly their bond with you. Trick training can also help improve concentration and provide a valuable source of mental stimulation.
This promises to be an hour of fun and entertainment for you and your dog.

As a TALKING DOGS RALLY instructor I am delighted to bring this fantastic sport to all dog owners. 
Talking Dogs Rally® is the only canine rally organisation in the UK specifically devised for pet dogs and their people with a core value of allowing natural not stylised movement and maintaining balance throughout the courses where dogs work on both the left and right sides.
We use an array of signs and stations where you and your dog perform each of the obedience exercsies in a numbered course.
Talking Dogs Rally® is fun for all, welcoming handlers of all ages and abilities, and of all shapes and sizes. With 93 different exercises, six levels of challenge, eight different classes and an infinite combination of stations, Talking Dogs Rally® will keep you and your dog busy for years to come.

Teaching dogs a series of relaxing postures with choice based training to stimulate calmness, focus and develop dog-owner relationships.
Dog yoga promotes a feeling of wellbeing for your dog by stimulating your dogs parasympathetic nervous system and promoting calmness.

Teaches shaping of behaviours, promotes a strong partnership between you and your dog, and has a huge benefit in helping to enable working at distances to your dog.
Platform training promotes good lead walking, focus, distance control, impulse control and much more. 


Classes are held in a secure grassed paddock at the Blue Cross Rehoming Centre in Ipswich. 
Blue Cross Rehoming Centre
Bourne Hill
Ipswich IP2 8NQ

What to bring to class:

  • Flat collar or harness (Choke chains, prong collars are not permitted)
  • Standard lead (not extendable)
  • Lots of yummy treats cut into small pieces. Thinly sliced hot dogs are great for training
  • Poo bags
  • Please bring your dogs vaccination certificate to the first session you attend or email a copy to [email protected]
  • Please dress for the weather conditions, to ensure you and your dog are comfortable throughout the session. We train in all weathers. REMEMBER, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes!!!!!!

Water and water bowls are provided, but if your dog prefers their own please feel free to bring that as well. We recommend not feeding a morning meal, or at least reducing it, as the training is reward based and their tummy’s will fill up quickly!!!

Parking & Facilities

Parking is available on site, and please read our terms and conditions before booking.
Payment of fees should be made at the time of placing a booking. Failure to make payment will result in the booking being cancelled.

Helping animals in need through training

We are delighted to be training at the Blue Cross. Best Behaviour Dog Training support the rescue dogs with financial contributions for the use of the space as well as giving the Blue Cross rescue dogs a space in every class so they have time out of kennels, and interaction with dogs and people whilst they are waiting to find their forever home.

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