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121 Training or Classes

05/08/2018 - Puppy Training Advice

121 Puppy Training or Classes?

Training a puppy takes many forms and can be undertaken on a 121 basis and/or as part of a group class.

Having trouble deciding on whether you should train your puppy at home or at classes. The answer is both.
121's are ideal whilst a puppy is too young to go out or if you have specific training needs. They are also a great way to refresh your memory on how to train a puppy.
Classes are ideal as soon as they have had their 2nd vaccinations as you have the opportunity to socialise your puppy properly and help them learn with real life distractions.
Puppy 121s can cover preparing to bring your puppy home through to starting the training journey, by teaching obedience in your own home. We also do agility groundwork for puppies to give them a head start when they are old enough to do adult agility.
Pre Puppy 121's are ideal for any puppy owner that needs some advice and help before bringing puppy home. Pre Puppy 121's cover puppy toilet training, sleep routines, feeding, preventing separation anxiety, how to socialise your puppy and how to ensure you have a well rounded puppy. I can help you select the right type of bedding, toys, and anything else you need to make your puppies first experiences in their forever home enjoyable and easy to manage. https://www.bestbehaviourdogtraining.co.uk/puppy-training/pre-puppy-visit-1hr/

Puppy 121s will cover basic obedience training that can be started from 8 weeks old. Many new puppy owners have a puppy 121 as soon as pup arrives so they can start as they mean to go on. It also gives puppy that vital mental stimulation whilst you are waiting for them to complete their course of vaccinations. https://www.bestbehaviourdogtraining.co.uk/puppy-training/

Agility groundwork is a great way to train your dog in the basics they need to know to be able to do agility, it gives puppies a great way to exercise safely, learn life skills, and much more. In this groundwork 121 we cover send aways, directions, wraps, recalls, over, around and much more. https://www.bestbehaviourdogtraining.co.uk/puppy-training-classes/

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