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The behavioural package is ideal for anyone with a dog with a behavioural problem. Due to social distancing all behavioural services shall be delivered via video link instead of visits. The initial... [ Read more ]
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The behavioural package is ideal for anyone with a dog with a behavioural problem. Due to social distancing all behavioural services shall be delivered via video link instead of visits.

The initial package is designed to help you and your dog start on the right tracks to fixing and aleviating problem behaviours. Every dog is different so there is never a 'one size fits all'. I can give you advice and help as soon as the initial phone call has taken place to ensure you don't have to struggle any longer.

  1. I will send you a detailed questionnaire for you to fill in, return and for me to analyse.
  2. Telephone Consultation - 45 minute to 1 hr telephone consultation to take a thorough history, talk through the problems you are experiencing and give some immediate advice and actions before I meet you face to face on the video call. I may also liaise with your vet before seeing your dog on the video call.
  3. I will create a tailored behavioural plan for you and your dog before seeing you at the video home visit.
  4. Video Home visit - 1.5hr approx video home visit to work through the behavioural plan, so you have all the tools to modify, train and manage the problem behaviours your dog may be experiencing.
  5. Follow up support by phone or email up to one month after the last consultation.

This package is ideal to help with all problem behaviours including, aggression, separation anxiety, barking and repetitive behaviours, just to name a few. At the time of booking I will also advise you on whether I feel your dog may require follow up consultations and give you a clear indication of prices and guidelines before we start.

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5/5 Rating

Sam is doing very well , different dog from a couple of weeks ago ! Thanks to Zoe. He is turning into a lovely chap who every body adores. Many thanks again for your help we cannot believe what you have managed to do for us. Thankyou.


5/5 Rating

So glad we enlisted the help of Zoe for our generally anxious 2 year old dog Florence who also had separation anxiety since a puppy. The advice was simply and clearly given and we could also get in touch anytime to ask questions if needed. Zoe clearly loves dogs and is very approachable and friendly. Our dog could not be left alone at all, now after a few weeks she can be happily left for a considerable amount of time. Florence was very anxious before we had the help of Zoe and had become withdrawn, now she is much happier, playful and very much part of our family. Thank you Zoe.


5/5 Rating

I canít recommend enough. We were at the end of our tether with our terrier Titch. He was biting us, barking and lunging at other dogs, barking outside all the time. We were worried we would get reported for his barking and for his behaviour. We tried two other trainers before Zoe and we really didnít know which way to turn. Zoe was our last chance and thankfully it worked. Zoe was really patient as I had lots of questions about how she would work with Titch having already been caught out. She explained her qualifications and that she was a behaviourist not just a trainer, and my goodness that really showed through. She really knows her onions!!! After just doing the 4 step consultation life became barable and every week things improved. Zoe was kind and checked up on us and we felt supported throughout. I‚Äôm so happy we found Zoe and Titch can still be part of our family.


5/5 Rating

Jeff had a very bad start to life and when we brought him home he was a very nervous and uncertain dog. I called Zoe for some help and guidance and I can certainly say all her advice was excellent, so a big thank you Zoe. Jeff suffered with separation anxiety, but with Zoe's help this is very much improved. We reward and praise all the time and Jeff now sits to command :0). Jeff is a much more relaxed dog and each day we see more of his great personality coming through.


5/5 Rating

Great advice but also simple to understand. Thank you for helping my Beagle with his separation anxiety.


5/5 Rating

We contacted Zoe after having problems with our little Jack Russell Bridget who we adopted at 9 months old. She had a whole range of behavioural issues from aggression to other dogs, disappearing on walks, going to the toilet on her bed, jumping up ...the list really was endless. Zoe spent a full 2 hours understanding Bridget and then more time teaching us how to build her confidence and tackle each issue individually. She really knows her stuff and has an unrivalled love for dogs. I would recommend her to anyone with a dog that has developed any behavioural trait. She had an easy and manageable solution to all our problems. Bridget is now a very confident and happy little dog :-)

Louise R

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