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What is the training for? Puppy and dog training classes teach obedience, good behaviour and doggy manners for puppies and dogs of all ages. We cover a vast array of training suitable for all levels... [ Read more ]



What is the training for?

Puppy and dog training classes teach obedience, good behaviour and doggy manners for puppies and dogs of all ages. We cover a vast array of training suitable for all levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Whether you have a complete novice or a doggy genius we tailor the learning to you and your puppy or dog to ensure you get the best training experience.
Here are a few of the things we cover:
Socialisation, Lead walking, Toilet training for puppies, Recall, Impulse control, Trick training, Emergency stops, Manners around animals and people, Scent work, Heelwork, Stopping and preventing jumping up and much more!

How long does a course last?

We offer more than standard training, and instead of set courses our classes are progressive and tailored, bookable in sets of 6, 10 or 14 weeks for your convenience. Classes can be booked as many times or as often as you want. 
This allows you and your dog to have a personal training experience combined with the benefit of a group class. 

How many sets shall I book?

You can choose to book as many sets of 6, 10 or 14 classes as you would like. There is no limit to how many times you can keep booking as our training is tailored and progressive. 
We recommend that puppies receive some level of formal training and socialisation for the first year of their life to ensure you have a well rounded doggy citizen as they enter adulthood.
Adult dogs requirements will depend on any previous training, but as a minimum we recommend 10 classes.


We have lots of times and days available, as well as offering the flexibility to book dates to suit you in sets of 6, 10 or 14 classes. If you have a holiday or event planned you can choose the dates you attend from our easy to use booking calendar.


Classes are held in a secure grassed paddock at the Blue Cross Rehoming Centre in Ipswich. 
Blue Cross Rehoming Centre
Bourne Hill
Ipswich IP2 8NQ

What to bring to class:

  • Flat collar or harness (Choke chains, prong collars are not permitted)
  • Standard lead (not extendable)
  • A long line maximum 5m (due to COVID 19 we shall no longer be providing use of long lines in classes due to transmission of the virus through surfaces)
  • Lots of yummy treats cut into small pieces. Thinly sliced hot dogs are great for training
  • Poo bags
  • Please bring your dogs vaccination certificate to the first session you attend or email a copy to [email protected]
  • Please dress for the weather conditions, to ensure you and your dog are comfortable throughout the session. We train in all weathers. REMEMBER, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes!!!!!!

Water and water bowls are provided, but if your dog prefers their own please feel free to bring that as well. We recommend not feeding a morning meal, or at least reducing it, as the training is reward based and their tummy’s will fill up quickly!!!

Social Distancing and COVID 19

  • Please remain in your car until you see your instructor indicate you can come into the training area
  • Please follow all social distancing guidelines before, during and after class. Anyone not observing social distancing or health and safety guidelines advised by ourselves will be asked to leave immediately with no right of refund. Your safety and enjoyment is our number one priority.
  • Please bring your own leads, including a long line with maximum length of 5m. 
  • To assist with social distancing rules we ask that one person per household attends with their dog. This can be varied/ alternated between caregivers week to week if required.
  • Please wash hands before and after attending a session.
  • In the event of a lockdown, government changing protocols, or if we feel it is in the best interest of those attending, training may be conducted via an online medium instead of a face to face class where necessary as per our terms.

Parking & Facilities

Parking is available on site, and please read our terms and conditions before booking.
Payment of fees should be made at the time of placing a booking. Failure to make payment will result in the booking being cancelled.

Helping animals in need through training

We are delighted to be training at the Blue Cross. Best Behaviour Dog Training support the rescue dogs with financial contributions for the use of the space as well as giving the Blue Cross rescue dogs a space in every class so they have time out of kennels, and interaction with dogs and people whilst they are waiting to find their forever home.

Information coming soon.

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5/5 Rating

Enjoyable, fun and great results. My cocker spaniel has learnt so much in such a short space of time. We have just booked our next set of classes. We need to keep this one busy!


5/5 Rating

Really good classes. We did a little puppy course at our vets and were really pleased when we came here. Our puppy is learning lots of new things and everything is very useful for us to use at home too.


5/5 Rating

Fabulous, friendly and encouraging. Zoe and the team really supported me in the early stages of training Callie, giving me confidence in managing her mouthing.A wide range of training, all kindness based, lots of treats needed, which can be reduced at your own pace.Life has somewhat overtaken at the moment, but I'm going back next year to learn more skills and will probably be giving agility a go too.Thank you to all of you.


5/5 Rating

Eight weeks ago when we adopted our rescue, Marley, we were told his social skills would need work due to the amount of time he had spent in kennels. He was a very nervous boy around other dogs, alternating between being fearful and lunging at them. Zoe and her team were so nice at our first lesson. Not just the guys who run Best Behaviour but the other attendees too. Weve all been there were words so kindly said to me more than once!Zoe tailors the classes to individual needs, so my nervous boy can be given plenty of space from the other dogs and because there’s more than one teacher we can get a little one-on-one time too. I was worried we wouldnt be invited back to the second class, but all Zoe and the team want is to encourage Marley to his full potential. If anyone has a dog with issues and worry about trying the classes, please dont fear! You will be made very welcome, gets loads of tips from people who really know what they are talking about and, most importantly, from people who CARE.


5/5 Rating

I'm loving my Saturday mornings and indeed the knowledge I take away with me. It's making me enjoy my time with Callie 🐶 even more than I thought possible.Thanks Zoe and your friendly and helpful team.


5/5 Rating

Amazing training methods and lots of fun for all

Sarah S

5/5 Rating

Thank you Zoe and Team Best behaviour Dog Training! Dylan and I started training with Zoe, when Dylan was a 4 month old puppy. We were BOTH very nervous at the beginning of our training, but need not have worried. We were made very welcome from the start and very quickly began to learn together. It was obvious that the gentle, force free, fun training was right for both of us. We were only going to do one set of lessons, but we are still taking lessons having moved to the Intermediate Group. Dylan loves his lessons and I have made some lovely friends. We go walking with our dog around our local area. I know the training has helped Dylan and myself to build a loving, happy and confident relationship.


5/5 Rating

I brought my lab puppy here after finding that other classes were too 'easy' for him, and just teaching the very few basics repeatedly, by bored looking 'trainers'. Not only did Zoe teach us more than I had even thought of teaching him, but what he did already know, we were able to make more complex (and more impressive!) in a really fun and positive way.Zoe was so, so lovely throughout the course, and with any one-to-one help that I needed... it was evident that dogs and dog training are her absolute passion!Now I have a polite and well trained 7 month old puppy (as much as one can be, anyway! haha) with not only an amazing array of 'party tricks', but 'tricks' that are helpful for vet trips, home life and much more,.I'm already looking forward to booking onto the next course -only trouble i'm having is which one to pick first! Really could not recommend enough!


5/5 Rating

Zoe and her team are great and I would totally recommend her classes. Zoe is so knowledgeable and I feel that our puppy, and family (2 children ) who all come along to her classes are in very safe hands. She adapts the tasks as needed for different dogs and always gives us something new to work on, as well as being prepared to answer questions and worries. Zoe is always positive and encouraging with dogs, owners, and children, and totally guides us re positive reinforcement methods. There is no criticism or judgement shown, and we all look forward to our fun saturday classes together. Thanks Zoe!


5/5 Rating

I had the pleasure of spending last Saturday with BBDT at the Blue Cross centre, and was lucky enough to witness several different classes (featuring a great variety of dogs, of all ages). I was so impressed with the reward based training that Zoe taught, all the dogs (


5/5 Rating

Amazing hour. Bracken thought it was easy but it soon got harder. Well done to all the puppies in our session.


5/5 Rating

I took my puppy (Ellie) to Zoe's Training Classes mainly to get Ellie socialised with other young puppies in a safe and friendly environment, which is what we got. Zoe was very friendly and approachable and had a lot of time for myself and Ellie. The classes were very enjoyable and I was surprised on how much Ellie and I both learnt. I would highly recommend Zoe to any of my family or friends with a puppy.


5/5 Rating

So proud of Coco on her 1st sleepover with a dog sitter. Just shows the training works, thanks Zoe and team.


5/5 Rating

Another fantastic morning for some of our dogs as they got out and enjoyed the sunny weather by getting involved with some of the Best Behaviour Dog Training sessions this morning. Great fun for dogs and people alike!!

Blue Cross Rehoming Centre

5/5 Rating

I had a dog that I could only describe as a nightmare to train and walk. I had tried everything, training him at home, classes, residential training. But nothing worked, he just didn't listen and was becoming uncontrollable as a 40kg adult German shepherd. I spoke with Zoe and she assured me that with the right training and approach Baxter could become a reformed character. She was right! A few weeks on and the improvement was incredible. We are 6 months into our training and he walks to heal, comes when called and is a joy to walk. Thankyou Zoe it's changed our life.


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